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Tanaman feels like an underground bunker that doesn’t rely on the outside world. And as

Food delivery services Deliveroo and foodpanda team up with WWF to tackle Hong Kong's unsustainable

F&B players from around Singapore have formed an alliance that aims to decrease the industry’s

In recent years vegetarianism and veganism have shifted from the margins to the mainstream. Long

It's easy to walk into 2020 with mindful eating intentions; more plants, more organic, less

Beyond 2020, Singapore aims to outrank Taiwan as the most vegan-friendly Asian nation — and

Whether you're in need of some animal-friendly gifting inspiration, want to reduce your impact this

Grow your own food, create your own beauty products, mindful meditation classes, and more, at

Heura calls themselves a 21st-century butcher shop, and we couldn’t agree more. The new era

TREEHOUSE is Hong Kong's up-and-coming "accidentally" vegan and vegetarian hotspot that looks to be the future of dining: sustainable, ethical, modern and fast. The progressive chef-driven enterprise nods to the green movement with a taste of the future while reigniting

For Christian Mongendre, staying under-the-radar wasn’t an option. From early beginnings at Mana! Fast Slow Food through to HOME Eat to Live, his beliefs have been deeply ingrained in pure, healthy, energetic, consciousness-raising food. This was further impassioned by the

Tired of tofu? Treat yourself to a culinary vacation in Bangkok where you can eat, treat and cheat guilt-free on some of Asia's most standout dishes, veganized. Every Asian cuisine has its pièce de résistance. In Japan, it's ramen (actually that's