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Google has been supporting organisations that not only deny climate change but also thwart environmental

Hot on the heels of Jeff Bezos' $10 billion donation to fight climate change, comes

Californian environmental group, Earth Island Institute (EII), is embarking on a David versus Goliath legal

Heard about the new app touted as the “Fitbit for your carbon footprint”? Say hello

PwC employees started 2020 with a new green resolution: the firm is the first in

Let's face it; Christmas is expensive. And it can be difficult to fill stockings for

Branded hats, mugs, and USB sticks are all well and good. But do they really

This year's Responsible Business Forum 2019 zeroed in on a topic that's become much of

Brexit is looming. It has been over three years since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a historic referendum, and the current deadline for exiting is Oct 31st. While the implications of this decision will reverberate

Green Is The New Black co-founder Paula Miquelis pens this piece which outlines the trials and tribulations of fundraising a social enterprise. Together with Stephanie Dickson, they started with an idea and built a (conscious) empire. This is how they

This week: The Amazon crisis rages on, while Brazil rejects funds to help put it out. DiCaprio-backed fund donates $5m. Tesco bans brands with excessive plastic packaging and more. Catch up on all you missed this week below.   1. Brazil rejects