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This week, the circular economy takes on jeans redesign. Boris Johnson is declared PM -

This week: Miley Cyrus isn't having kids, Amazon's Prime Day strikes, Prince Charles' warning, disposable

From autonomous robots to AI-powered exploration – leaders from some of the biggest players in

Get up to date on conscious news this week: Stockholm is in pursuit of a more sustainable fashion week. Climate change barely receives air time on the #DemDebate. And the G20 countries tripled coal power subsidies?!   1. Swedish Fashion Council announced

This week, Prada's heir makes a bold move. America's leading medical groups declare a public health emergency because of climate change. And Mother Nature cranks up the heat in Chennai. Buckle in, because this Conscious Scoop is a wild ride.   1.

Perspectives on sustainability in Singapore vary far and wide depending on which field you come from. During one of The Hive's major events - Sustainability Matters, we had the opportunity to hear from local voices in media, activism, health, ethical