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Green Is The New Black

Why its Never Been Easier to Be a Vegan Foodie in Singapore

Reading Time: 5 minutes
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vegan food singapore

It’s a great time to love vegan food in Singapore, as artisanal brands are cropping up left, right and centre. With an influx of creative souls pushing the boundaries of flavourful plant-based food; homegrown vegan delicacies are now a thing. Think artisanal cheeses, nut butter, curry puffs, desserts and so much more.

It is now a rarity to walk into a restaurant in Singapore without seeing ‘VO’ or little plant symbols proudly declaring where the vegetarian and vegan food options are on a menu. This got us reflecting at Green Is The New Black about how many delicious vegan food products have sprung up recently in Singapore, and so we wanted to share some of our favourites. From artisanal cheeses to nut butter to the most incredible chocolate desserts to entire vegan grocers – what an exciting time to be a vegan foodie in Singapore. Enjoy!


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vegan food vegan snacks singapore


4MY | Vegan Camembert Cheese

Charged up to take on the dairy industry, 4MY is a made in Singapore and their first product Yeti is a fully edible natural bloomy white rind that would be comparable to a Camembert or a Brie. It has a deliciously buttery heart, supports sustainability and is 100% plant-based. The flavour comes from the fermentation of cashews and does not contain additives, preservatives or flavourings. They use a  traditional fermentation process which takes around three weeks.

Order here S$18

Nut Busters | Artisanal Nut Butter

Handcrafted in micro-batches, these creamy mouthfuls of heaven bring soul, flavour and sustainability to nut butter. Fair warning, once you have tried a mouthful, no other nut butter will compare. For every jar sold they plant a tree in Indonesia, and as they say ‘not only will you get to get some busted nuts, but you’ll also get to bust deforestation.’ No added oils, sugar or nonsense. Raw, keto and plant-based.

Order here S$18.90-21.90

Loaded Gun Kitchen | Plant-based dips

Most creative branding and boldly flavoured to match – these dips pack a real punch. They are homemade and experimental, with flavours like kick-ass carrot kimchi hummus, sweet miso cashew cream, and kombucha bbq pinto bean. And they are not only for crackers and crudites, they have a library of creative recipes to cook with the dips, including pizzas, pasta, and croquette.

Order here S$15-45

vegan food singapore curry puff

Vegan Haven | Vegan curry puffs

Dairy-free curry puffs, that are so good you forget that they are vegan. Nothing processed here, they are handmade daily with love. All the flavours are created in their own kitchen using the best ingredients, including young jack fruit. Flavours include sambal, Thai green curry, mala and rendang. And they are Muslim owned.

Order here S$2-4 apiece

Kroodi | Artisanal Vegan Cheese

Award-winning homegrown artisanal vegan cheese, naturally free from dairy, lactose, cholesterol, and without gluten, refined sugar and preservatives. These cheese are beautifully spreadable with a variety of exciting flavours, that include basil, cheddar, truffle and red pepper.

Order here or on redmart S$7-55

Karana | Plant-based meat

Want that meat texture or filling but without all the artificial nasties or dodgy processing? Enter Karana, an irresistible alternative to meat made from young jackfruit, a sustainable and abundant plant. You shouldn’t have to choose between health, sustainability and taste – and now you don’t have too. Karana is launching in Singapore as we speak – stay tuned for where to try them.

Check them out here

vegan food singapore dessert


The Clean Addicts | Whole-foods bakery

A whole-foods bakery that specialises in nutrient-dense and guilt-free desserts and protein balls made with real food. Their products are vegan, refined sugar-free, with gluten-free and diabetic-friendly options. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives allows you to eat clean, and feel good. Born out of a need to create healthy cakes for her mother, led to the creation of these clean, guilt-free vegan treats. 

Order here S$29-100

Best Ever Vegan Brownies

These are honestly some of the best brownies we have ever tasted, and we have ordered them way more than we care to admit. They are dewy on the inside, crunchy on the outside, and the perfect amount of chocolate (not too rich or too heavy!). In their first three months, they raised over $1300 for local animal protection charity Acres. Batches are currently made once a week with three varieties to choose from: original (topped with salt flakes), cookie dough, or speculoos.

Order them here $55 for a full slab or $35 per half slab

Roa | Artisanal Patisserie

Chocolate cakes and cupcakes that are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and eggless. They use avocados and not butter, brown rice milk, and psyllium husk. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised that they are strong on taste but light on calories. Nine months of R&D to create the perfect cake for her god-daughter who had food allergies, but a determination that dietary restrictions should not be a reason to miss out on delicious treats.

Order here S$7-70

Happy Cioccolato | Handcrafted chocolates

Strong believers that we are what we eat, Happy Cioccolato creates food that is simple and comes from nature, not labs. If they can’t pronounce it, it’s not going in. And while they are at it, dairy, gluten, refined sugar, preservatives, nuts and soy are a no-no too. Instead, you can expect delicious chocolates that are friendly to your gut and skin.

Order here S$8-50


Everyday Vegan | Online and offline vegan grocer

On World Vegan Day 2020 Everyday Vegan became the first all-vegan grocer to have a physical store in Singapore. With over 600+ vegan products, you can get your everyday groceries planet conscious and animal friendly. From organic fresh produce to cheese, wine, meat alternatives, canned foods, personal products, and so the lists goes on!

Order online or visit the store at Turf Club

Souley Green | Online marketplace

Shop worry free at Souley Green who ensures all their products are vegan and cruelty-free. From food to beauty and even household products, they have a vast selection of products.

Order online here


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