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Hello, Nice To Meet You!
Are you ready to wake up?

We’re on a mission to wake people up and empowering them to take positive action so that we can leave the world in a better place than how we’ve found it.
We like to think of ourselves as the Morpheus for all you Neos in the world (any Matrix fans?). We are the guiding path to help people change the world one #littlegreensteps at a time. We’re helping to carve the path less travelled for the greater good.

Your Guide to Conscious Living in Asia

We’re really glad you are here. If you have found us then you are ready to take the next step towards living a more conscious life – yep, we’re talking about living wide awake. We are here as your guide to discover the most conscious brands, events, experiences and people around Asia so that you can take back control of your choices and connect deeper with yourselves, others and mother nature.

Green Is The New Black
Our missions on a mission to make conscious living the new norm and to become the number one place for sustainable brands in Asia. It’s all about connecting with ourselves, others and mother nature. Conscious living is about understanding how our choices not only impact us, but our surroundings and the environment. We’ve defined six key values that make up our philosophy.


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Protect The Planet

Awareness of our footprint leads to greater understanding of the impact we have on our planet, inspiring us to operate more consciously and positively.

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Innovation For Good

We are idea junkies and man do we love some of the awesome creative things people are doing.

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Crystal Clear

We like looking at life with both eyes WIDE open – you know, knowing where stuff comes from, who made it and how it got to us.

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Power To The People

Ethical/ fair-trade/ female empowerment – if you value the people behind your products this value is for you. People are the new profit.

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Pro Animal Life

This one’s for the animal lovers, vegetarians and vegans. Animals also have a conscious, family and friends. Like us, they deserve to be treated with respect.

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Well-For Your-Being

“Love yourself and serve the others”. Our conscious journey starts with us – the choices we make, how we show up in the world and take care of ourselves.


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If you want to get involved, contribute, give us an idea or some feedback, drop us a line at [email protected] or fill our form below.