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Mica is a seemingly innocent mineral with not-so-innocent origins. If your beauty products contain mica,

Whether you are celebrating Valentines Day or just looking for a lovely conscious gift for

"I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare, you really won’t

Your smile is important. It's how you communicate your joy to the world and it

Instead of harming your skin and the planet, choose skincare that can create social change!

Are you and your skin getting overwhelmed with a number of beauty products you're putting

To organic or not to organic? That is the question..and we have the answers thanks

Have you ever thought that it actually takes years, sometimes even decades, for trees to grow before they can be harvested? So how can so many brands claim they are using natural ingredients? We spoke to natural beauty expert Wendee Lee,

Do you love live music? Well, then you are in luck! This weekend we have cool stylings for 8 local acts to keep you jiving and a grooving while you munch, shop and enjoy our Green Is The New Black