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For decolonising fashion and speaking up for labour rights Aditi Mayer is a familiar name if you’ve been around Instagram (or more recently, TikTok). A social and environmental justice advocate, Aditi’s work crosses various mediums, including writing, speaking, photography, and more.

For speaking truth to power on all things fast fashion and more Aja Barber is a well-known vocal critic of fast fashion—if you’ve followed her for a while now, you’ll know that she doesn’t shy away from telling it as it

For empowering people to make a difference, from inside to out, and refilling instead of consuming Alexandre Tsuk is guided by a desire to motivate others to make a positive difference in the world. He believes that if we improve our

For passionately advocating for shark conservation and against shark product consumption Andrea Richey used to be a legal recruiter and worked for the Wall Street law firm Paul Weiss in Hong Kong, in a corporate communications and business development capacity. Like

For leading the way on incorporating the addressing of economic and social injustice in the climate fight Having tirelessly worked in the non-government and charity sectors for over 25 years—that’s a quarter of a century—Asad Rehman’s expertise has led him to

For being a hands-on expert on all things clean energy Assaad Razzouk is a Singapore-based Lebanese-British renewable energy entrepreneur and expert, with an impressive portfolio to boot. Chairman and CEO of Sindicatum Renewable Energy, a clean energy company headquartered in Singapore,

For bringing us closer to sustainable futures, one tangible solution at a time Have you ever skied 1000km over 60 days to the South Pole? Us neither, but Barney Swan has. Pulling a sledge with supplies and shelter, Barney skied to

For modelling sustainable tourism and local community empowerment Billie and Ann Dumaliang are sisters who you’ll most likely find in the rainforests of Rizal, a province in the Philippines. Why? Well, they run Masungi, a 450-hectare award-winning georeserve which allows visitors

For inspiring communities towards living more sustainably, through the power of music (and partying) Vivie-ann Bakos, better known as BLOND:ISH, is a green warrior that wears many hats. She calls herself a serial collaborator, spiritual seeker, brand boss, rush of energy,