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Adán Vez Lira, a prominent defender of an ecological reserve in Mexico, was shot while riding his motorcycle in April. Four years earlier, the renowned activist Berta Cáceres was shot dead in her home in Honduras by assailants taking direction from executives responsible for

Some fires won't die. They survive underground during the winter and then reemerge the following spring, as documented in places like Alaska. They're called "overwintering," "holdover," or "zombie" fires, and they may have now awoken in the Arctic Circle — a

The world of mock meat has come a long way over the years. Here, Green Monday share the latest on plant proteins, their rise in popularity, and what the future holds for the likes of Beyond Meat, Impossible, and OmniMeat. "Traditional

It’s official: summer is here (living in the tropics, does it ever really leave?) and with it comes our old foe, humidity. That means being in a perpetual state of moist. We can’t change the weather, but we can change

Scéona is a fine jewellery company doing things differently. Proving that high-end quality and design can also be sustainable, it's turning a notoriously unethical industry on its head with its eco-friendly approach. It’s no secret that the word ‘luxury’ is often

The world’s seventh-largest emitter has launched a Green New Deal. But critics say there are big problems. South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s ruling party won a landslide victory in last month’s national election as voters turned out in huge numbers in

Revealed: Oil and mining firms – some with ties to Trump officials – taking advantage of funding, review shows. US fossil fuel companies have taken at least $50m in taxpayer money they probably won’t have to pay back, according to a

Green Monday intern, Sarah Lee, shares her personal journey of transitioning to a more eco-friendly diet. Here's a millennial's guide to sustainably transitioning to a greener, plant-based diet. Growing up, I never thought about where my food came from, or its

Within 30 years, there could be clear blue water over the North Pole – not good news for most of the planet. Within three decades, the North Pole could be free of sea ice in the late summer. The latest and