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Are you new to the sustainable fashion world, and in need of some advice on where to begin? Or maybe you're a seasoned thrift shopper, looking to keep up with the latest research? Wherever you are on your journey, you'll

The Conscious Festival 2021 has a day of talks dedicated all for you fashion industry leaders out there. Pay attention, because this event is specially curated for you. Green Is The New Black presents - together with Ethiwork, Who Cares

The Conscious Festival would be nothing without its thought-provoking talks. This year, we're dissecting the issues that really matter. Diving into the themes Collective Intelligence, Wellness & Spirituality, Sustainability & Regeneration, Planet & Biodiversity, Fashion & Beauty, we're bringing together

With everything that's going on in the world, we felt it was only right to put out a resource list for our community. This resource list is for our community to learn more about what is going on, and to

How did an outreach email about website optimisation help us to save as much CO2 this year as we could by cycling 3000 kilometres instead of driving? Our co-founder and creative director, Paula Miquelis, explains. Enter the magic of greenpixie

We know our current way of living isn't sustainable. It's inevitable. We need to change our systems, and our own lifestyles too. But with the problems being so vast and complex, where do we start? Green Is The New Black

Have you heard? The Conscious Festival is back. And we're going hybrid for the first time ever. In Paris, we're having an in-person Festival at LA CASERNE, Europe’s largest sustainable fashion accelerator hub. Today, we're talking workshops. It's led by

Is Paris the capital of sustainable fashion? Introducing a new series of articles inspired by the Luxury For Good podcast by ethiwork. First up, Paris Good Fashion walking the talk of sustainability. Céline Dassonville, founder of the impact studio ethiwork and

The Conscious Festival is back. We're going hybrid for the first time ever. With a physical event in Paris at LA CASERNE, Europe’s largest sustainable fashion accelerator hub. Pop-ups in Singapore and London. And a free virtual event for the