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Every child deserves to feel the magic of Christmas and the joy of Santa. But

Let's face it; Christmas is expensive. And it can be difficult to fill stockings for

Calling all the wise men! Here is a shortlist of socially responsible and environmentally conscious

Christmas Day is officially nearly here! While we're most looking forward to spending time with

Christmas and New Years Eve are basically at our doorsteps. It’s a time of celebration,

A little party never hurt anybody — but some parties definitely hurt the planet. As we enter one of the most indulgent, excessive and consumer-driven time of the year, we would never tell you to hold back, but we will

Meditation is a different experience for everyone. The Golden Space in Singapore is a space for people to destress and relax through non-religious meditation and breathing with the help of some crystals and chakra work along the way. To learn

Whether you're in need of some animal-friendly gifting inspiration, want to reduce your impact this holiday season, or need to find a restaurant for festive feasting, here is your guide to having a vegan Christmas. The holidays are a time when