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Hong Kong

Grow your own food, create your own beauty products, mindful meditation classes, and more, at

Thailand just legalized it. Professional athletes use it. And it’s even been deemed safe for

TREEHOUSE is Hong Kong's up-and-coming "accidentally" vegan and vegetarian hotspot that looks to be the

For Christian Mongendre, staying under-the-radar wasn’t an option. From early beginnings at Mana! Fast Slow

Burnout. Stress. Insomnia. Words that unfortunately we hear all too often. With studies showing more

The art of food pairing is taking a new spin in Hong Kong where Invisible

More often than we'd like to admit, labels like sustainable, organic and healthy are nothing more

Waste and what to do with it is a complex issue. But there's also a

This week's Conscious Scoop is an absolute must-read and must-share. The world's leading scientists say

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU from the entire GITNB team. Because of you we have just closed the curtain on a super successful second iteration of The Conscious Festival in Hong Kong and despite the rain and competing with

Chewy mouthfuls of an intense burst of flavor that amps up your health? Yes, please! This is what Happy Bites, a one-woman show from Hong Kong, was serving up at The Conscious Festival Hong Kong. The raw, gluten-free and vegan

This week's Conscious Scoop: Green Monday and Disneyland Hong Kong join forces, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want to raise their baby to be vegan, and Elizabeth Warren sets the bar high for #ClimateLeadership.   1. Vegan food takes over Disneyland Hong