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Author: Tammy Gan

About The Author

Tammy is an environmentalist and social media advocate who believes in thinking bigger and deeper about climate change. She hopes that with her actions, we will all grow to become environmentally conscious citizens (not consumers) with hearts for this beautiful planet we call home.

This week, Fast Company sits down with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard for an insightful conversation on all things sustainability. We learn about proforestation as a solution. Ever heard of that? And ExxonMobil is facing a trial of misleading investors. Read

BREAKING: Google is funding the climate denialism movement. Jane Fonda gets arrested and will do it again. And is climate change is at the top of investors' minds? Read on for a quick summary of this week's top environmental stories.   1.

BREAKING: The 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions revealed by The Guardian. On a more hopeful note: the EU approves of the groundbreaking "right to repair" laws. The secondhand clothing market will be making gains over the

This week: coffee is going to be a luxury item if climate change continues. Scientists have figured out a way to halve emissions by 2030. And the full lowdown on global participation in worldwide climate strikes last week. Read all

It seems like every week the stakes get higher and higher; this week we've got new climate models and special reports, Greta Thunberg calls out world leaders at the UN Climate Action Summit, and so much more. Catch up with

This week is a big week for climate change; the world is gearing up for the Global Climate Strike, Wall Street investment giants are voting against key climate resolutions, private companies are buying up the Amazon, and according to the

SG Climate Rally (SGCR) is Singapore's first physical climate action rally and takes place at Hong Lim Park on the 21st of September. Organised by a new, independent group of 20 concerned Singaporeans, this is quite possibly the most important