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Author: Tammy Gan

About The Author

Tammy is an environmentalist and social media advocate who believes in thinking bigger and deeper about climate change. She hopes that with her actions, we will all grow to become environmentally conscious citizens (not consumers) with hearts for this beautiful planet we call home.

The OECD's new chief is a centre-right politician who some even call a climate denier. We can't reverse the decision now, but it's worth looking at what he stands for. (And what he doesn't stand against.) And it's not looking

Let's face it, all week you've seen brands, influencers, politicians post about and celebrate women on social media. In fact, you might sick of the #InternationalWomensDay hashtag by now, considering it's the same content every single year. Bonus points if

According to the latest UN global assessment, the NDC Synthesis Report, nations around the world are pledging "far away" from the Paris target. If all of the pledges submitted so far were fulfilled, global emissions would be reduced by only

March 3rd is World Wildlife Day, designated by the UN to celebrate and raise awareness of the world's wild animals and plants. This year, it's all about forests. What's so important about forests? What issues do we face with forest

Elon Musk, the South African billionaire who's known for Tesla and SpaceX (i.e. electric vehicles and colonising Mars), is funding non-profit group Xprize's carbon-removal contest. This means that the man is contributing $100 million of his fortune towards climate solutions.

Black writer and playwright James Baldwin once wrote: "It is the past that makes the present coherent." The unfiltered lens of history—in this case, Black history—can help us see and understand more clearly our contemporary moment. For this reason, among

Asos just paid £330m to Arcadia retail group to buy up Topshop, Topman, and a few other retail brands. Sir Phillip Green, chairman of the Arcadia group, who's practically a billionaire, is set to earn £50m from the sale. But

Bill Gates, the beloved philanthropist billionaire, has authored a new book titled How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, coming out next month. In it he offers his take on the climate solutions humanity should pursue moving forward. But, in many

What does the US Capitol attack have in common with the recent controversies within the vegan movement? White supremacy. We've talked about how environmentalism and white supremacy are deeply connected before, but these events warrant a revisiting of the relationship