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Author: Tammy Gan

About The Author

Tammy is an environmentalist and social media advocate who believes in thinking bigger and deeper about climate change. She hopes that with her actions, we will all grow to become environmentally conscious citizens (not consumers) with hearts for this beautiful planet we call home.

This week: two letters turn up the heat on climate action and remind us that we need to #FaceTheClimateEmergency. One from civil society and the other from big investors. Morgan Stanley and Apple make new climate commitments. But do they

This week: Biden unveils a big, bold climate plan that activists seem to be getting behind. The World Economic Forum says that a nature-led coronavirus recovery is the way forward. BlackRock gets tough on climate action. But also, some not-so-great

This week: three big wins for the climate movement! Facebook and the oil industry have something in common. Fossil fuel companies shamelessly grab aid. And there's no quick fix for climate change? Catch up on this week's top environmental stories

This week: Arctic record confirmed, along with a 12,000-year global temperature record. Climate disasters around the world, and a new swine flu with "pandemic potential" found? Read on for the top environmental stories of the week. (Want to get top environmental

Millions of people around the world will be pledging to do their part for our planet this month by signing up for "Plastic Free July". But in fast-paced, hyper-urbanised cities like Singapore and Hong Kong, is living plastic-free actually possible?

This week: you probably heard about the Arctic Circle's record high temps. What probably missed your radar is the fact that this week it was also World Refugee Day. (And yes, the climate crisis contributes to the number of world

This week: the Trans Mountain Pipeline spills up to 50,000 gallons of oil on Indigenous land. A survey on climate change perceptions has some surprising results. And climate worst-case scenarios might not go far enough? Read on for this week's

It's World Environment Day today. According to the UN, this year, it's "Time for Nature". As the world shifts and responds to humanity's actions in the Anthropocene, making time for nature seems more needed now than ever. For Singapore, the

This week: a different kind of environmental news round-up. It's World Environment Day tomorrow. Does that have anything to do with racism? Yes. And so does the climate crisis. How? Let's talk about it. (Want to get top environmental stories in