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Author: Tammy Gan

About The Author

Tammy is an environmentalist and social media advocate who believes in thinking bigger and deeper about climate change. She hopes that with her actions, we will all grow to become environmentally conscious citizens (not consumers) with hearts for this beautiful planet we call home.

It's okay not to be okay. The combined energy from the full moon lunar eclipse and the realisation that it's the final month of the year make for quite a bit of collective anxiety and serious questioning. Let's lean into

Black Friday—and its evil twin, Cyber Monday—is just around the corner (have you started getting spammy newsletters yet?). This week, we talk about the origins of this consumerist holiday, and why we should consider ditching it in 2020. But most

We're a little late to the party, but Joe Biden won the American presidential election (thank God).WTF does that mean for the climate? We know he's definitely a better option than Trump, but how much better? We cut through the

Featured image: Mothball Memoirs This festive season, we can collectively do better to support BIPOC: Black, Indigenous, People of Colour. One of those ways is to purchase from BIPOC brands. We want to see you move that money! Don't know where

This festive season: consumerism is so passé. We're in a climate crisis, why do we need more stuff? In the spirit of buying less and wasting less, here's the ultimate no-gift gift guide. From non-traditional, more sustainable gift ideas, to

The festive season is the season of giving. If you’re looking to give beyond your friends and family, and want to give back to your community, look no further. Here are nine ways you might not have thought of to

November 1st is World Vegan Day, so let's talk all things vegan. What does the raging global pandemic (that seems to have no end in sight) have to do with plant-based diets? Is going vegan really going to save the

October 13th marked the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) published a report that looks at the landscape in the 21st century and the human cost of disaster due to inaction on

According to Count Us In, here's the concept: climate change is real, and we have to drastically cut our carbon emissions if we want to stop it. You can be part of the largest, most ambitious citizen-led effort to act.