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Many things in life are big environmental polluters: transportation, large gatherings, agriculture; we could go

Meditation is a different experience for everyone. The Golden Space in Singapore is a space

Don't get us wrong; living in Asia is the dream. Because what's not to love

Grow your own food, create your own beauty products, mindful meditation classes, and more, at

Thailand just legalized it. Professional athletes use it. And it’s even been deemed safe for

Cremations in India are a ritual that dates back several thousands of years. But they

We're going to let you in on a little secret: micro-actions can equate to macro

You know that microplastics are everywhere, and you also know that plastics take hundreds of years to biodegrade. Luckily, we have individuals and businesses working on solutions all the time. But when it comes to the plastic crisis, there's always

Fuel your fire to fix the world through some sustainable listening with a couple of fun, witty and hugely intelligent do-gooders. And since Asia is finally warming up to podcasts, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite thought-provoking podcasts from

What are superfoods and are they really that super? The term might be just a buzzword (since there's no medical or scientific definition of a superfood), but it certainly isn't just buzzworthy nor is it going anywhere. In fact, more and