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Sex and the Sustainable: Intimate Items for Intimate Times

Today, sustainability is touching every area of our lives, from what we wear to what we eat, even to what we do in the bedroom. Yup, that’s right – what was once a totally plastic-tastic affair is now becoming more sustainable and conscious. From toys to lube, being kind to the planet (and our bodies) has never been easier.

There was a time when the only places to buy sex items were scary-looking stores on high streets – and that’s if we even felt brave enough to step in. Today, it’s a different story. Women’s pleasure (both seeking and experiencing it) is now loud and proud, which means the market has become more flexible and varied. There are loads of Earth-friendly options out there, offering different strokes (literally…) for different folks.  We’ve rounded up some of the best sustainable intimate items you can buy. Planet-friendly pleasure town, here we come…

IMAGE: via Womanizer | IMAGE DESCRIPTION: a sleek, pink sex toy held by a woman, whose naked body can be partially seen in the background.


Vibrators & Toys

Womanizer PREMIUM ECO | A natural toy that uses airwaves

To honour Earth Day, Womanizer reproduced its most popular toy, the PREMIUM, eco-style. The vibrator is made of Biolene – a bioplastic made up of 70 per cent renewable, natural materials (mostly corn starch). This means it’s both biodegradable and recyclable! It also runs on rechargeable batteries (able to charge up to 300 times!) and arrives in plastic-free packaging. With every purchase, Womanizer plants a tree with One Tree Planted. Now, onto the pleasure: the PREMIUM ECO has 12 intensity levels, comes with two head sizes, and works through Pleasure Air Technology which stimulates you via gentle airwaves. As a much-appreciated bonus, the toy uses Smart Silence Technology; it automatically switches on (quietly) when it’s almost touching your skin and switches off when you move it away, meaning you can be completely in the moment, no fumbling necessary.

Check it out here


Bondara Glass Dildos | Strong, sustainable, and safe

When it comes to durability and sustainability, glass sex toys are superstars. Bondara has a range of glass dildos in different shapes and designs, all made from super-tough borosilicate glass (which consists of naturally abundant materials). The material is so strong that it can be heated up or cooled down without the risk of it cracking, and it resists chemicals and degradation, meaning you can store it wherever you like without worrying about any residual nasties seeping into your body.

Check it out here


Lovehoney Laska Rabbit Ears Vibrator | A USB-chargeable classic

Online favourite, Lovehoney, has created its own line of eco-friendly sex toys called Love Not War. The collection includes a bullet, a clitoral vibrator, and a G-spot vibrator, but we’re loving the rabbit ears vibrator as a modern nod to the original rabbit. In terms of pleasure and safety, the Laska has a whopping 11 vibration functions, is made from aluminium and silicone, both of which are safe for skin, and is free from phthalates and latex. As for the planet, the vibrator’s materials are recycled and the vibrator itself can be charged by USB. It’s totally waterproof, has a travel lock, and comes with a USB cable and a storage bag made from bamboo.

Check it out here

IMAGE: via Crystal Delights | IMAGE DESCRIPTION: a glass anal plug with peach bobbles adorning the bulb and a pink crystal in the base.

Crystal Delights Pineapple Delight Plug | A pretty, perdurable playmate

Crystal Delights has a wealth of pretty plugs in varying hues, but this pineapple plug has to be one of the best. Thanks to its borosilicate glass makeup, it’s sturdy and safe (glass is strong, hypoallergenic, and free from toxins), but it’s also really fun and funky. The plug has a smooth slim neck, flared base, and tear-drop bulb, and features peachy-pink bobbles (the ‘pineapple’ feature) and a sparkly pink crystal in the base. This hand-crafted plug is also available in both small and medium sizes.

Check it out here


Blush Novelties Gaia Bullet Vibrator | The world’s first biodegradable vibrator

Bullet vibrators are much-loved, and the Gaia is no exception. As well as having the features that make this style so popular (pocket-sized, affordable, waterproof), it also has five different vibration rhythms, five adjustable speed settings, and is made from Biofeel, a starch-based bioplastic. Biofeel is also body-safe, shunning phthalates, fragrance, and latex. Oh, and you can get it in three different pastel colours.

Check it out here


IMAGE: via Jonny | IMAGE DESCRIPTION: one pink condom wrapper and one green condom wrapper, both printed with the word ‘jonny’ and visibly containing condoms inside, are placed next to the packaging the condoms come in, consisting of a small box (marked with ‘time to boss’ and ‘you’ve got this’) and a small bag in which to dispose of the condoms (marked with ‘be good. Be a lover, not a flusher’). All items are laid out on a blanket.


Jonny | Sustainable from start to finish

Aptly named brand Jonny is all about making our sex lives as sustainable as possible. The Australian brand avoids all animal derivatives (as well as chemicals), makes its condoms from natural latex, and packages them in eco-friendly boxes. Jonny keeps it simple, only offering one type of condom in a variety of pack sizes. Even better, each condom comes with a FabLittleBag, a little baggy for your used condom. As the bag is biodegradable and made mostly from sustainable materials, it can degrade in landfill in just 12 months (as opposed to floating around in the sea after being flushed down the loo or taking years to break down). Jonny is also very serious about safety, complying with international standards and avoiding scary ingredients.

Check it out here


Unique Latex-Free Condoms | Protection sans irritation

For those of you who prefer to skip the latex altogether, Unique’s condom offerings are the way to go. The brand’s condoms are made from synthetic polyethylene resin, which is thinner yet stronger than most condoms. They’re also vegan, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic (chemical reactions are a problem for many latex users). Unique’s condoms also arrive in minimal packaging, giving both your body and the environment a win.

Check it out here


GLYDE Ultra-Thin Condoms | The first certified ethical and vegan condoms

GLYDE, an Australian B Corp, is proud to produce ‘truly vegan’ condoms, meaning they’ve been certified as vegan and ethical by the Vegan Society. The condoms are free of casein, a common condom ingredient derived from dairy. GLYDE’s condoms are also free of harmful chemicals, instead harnessing thistle extract and sustainably grown, non-GMO natural rubber, which is sourced from producers with fair-trade practices. The Ultra-Thin Condoms are lightly lubricated, making them a sure-fire success.

Check it out here


Sustain Natural Latex Condoms | Sheaths that support staff and safe sex

Whoever thought that condoms could save both people and the planet? Sustain, that’s who. The brand (which also offer sustainable period items) uses natural latex sourced from a plantation in India (certified by Forest Stewardship Council) that provides free medical care for workers and schooling for their children. As well as being fair trade, the condoms are non-GMO, organic, vegan, hypoallergenic, and free from dyes and fragrances. Hello, sex with a satisfied conscience!

Check it out here


IMAGE: via Good Clean Love | IMAGE DESCRIPTION: a female hand holding up a green tube of Good Clean Love Almost Naked Personal Lubricant.


Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant | The first carbon-neutral lube

This lube has a ton of sustainability credits to its name but its carbon-neutral status has to be the most impressive. Good Clean Love, a woman-owned B Corp, mitigates the carbon emissions of every bottle through a GEC Organics project in Alabama. The focus is on revitalising soil, which can then store CO2 and avoid emitting greenhouse gases. This vegan, organic lube is made with water, aloe vera, and seaweed, and is safe to use with latex. It’s free from chemicals but contains a light lemon and vanilla flavour – y’know, for the funsies.

Check it out here


Coconu Hemp-infused Oil | Multi-purpose and health-tastic

Our friend, coconut oil, has added a new use to its growing list. Coconu’s hemp-infused oil employs a formula of coconut oil, hemp, and other natural ingredients. Known for its relaxing properties, hemp is the ideal accompaniment to intimate sessions and general body massage alike. This lube is certified organic, hypoallergenic, good for easing soreness and inflammation, and thanks to its total lack of chemicals, edible. All of this means that not only is it perfect for sex play, it’s also beneficial to your mental and physical health. The cherry on top is the packaging, which is plastic-free and made from sugar cane.

Check it out here


Sliquid H2O Original Water-Based Lubricant | Simple, safe, sustainable lube

Sliquid is one of the most popular lubricant brands on the market thanks to its ban on the irritating ingredients often found in lube (namely glycerin and paraben). This H2O lubricant is made up of, you guessed it, water, meaning it’s PH balanced, non-toxic, and non-porous. This is great news for those who have an STI or are prone to yeast or bacterial infections, as they’re unable to use most lubes due to chemicals affecting the balance. The product is also vegan, stain-free, and safe for use with latex and rubber condoms. If water-based lubes aren’t your thing, Sliquid also make organic aloe vera-based products.

Check it out here


Aloe Cadabra Organic Lubricant | A solution to dryness and menopause

Being dry downstairs can make for a painful time in the sack. Aloe Cadabra Organic Lubricant is here to offer salvation. The lube is referred to as a vaginal moisturiser and is recommended for anyone suffering from dryness or irritation (including women experiencing menopausal symptoms). Each tube of lube has over 90 per cent organic aloe vera and also contains vitamin E oil and other natural ingredients. It’s edible, vegan, super balanced, and stays slippery, so you can go at it with ease.

Check it out here