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Green Is The New Black

11 Genuinely Useful Wellness Apps That We’ve Tried

Reading Time: 5 minutes
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Girl downloading wellness app

Boost your health by downloading these 11 wellness apps that will genuinely enhance your wellbeing; from self-hypnosis, meditation guides, and sleep aids to sexual wellness, hydration reminders, and making better plant-based food choices.

It’s time to get savvy with your smartphone. Wasting endless hours scrolling social media is a habit that’s easy to spiral into, especially since we’re all spending more time at home than ever (thanks COVID). But there are multiple apps on the market that can lead to positive lifestyle changes and will improve your overall sense of health and wellness. We’re all about #LittleGreenSteps, so whether you’re looking to eat, sleep, or exercise smarter, calm your mind or regain focus, there’s an app out there that can help you achieve your goals. Here are 11 genuinely useful apps we’ve tried that are worth downloading.


Track your period. Know your body. Clue is more than just a period tracker – yes it’ll help you actively track your menstrual cycle – but it’s also an ovulation app and pregnancy tracker that’ll inspire you to take control of your overall reproductive health. By tracking symptoms like PMS, headaches, breakouts, moods, and more, it will enable you to live more in sync with your natural rhythms. Plus, the handy reminders for when your cycle is about to start are a lifesaver.

Download here

Insight Timer

Winner of multiple ‘app of the year’ awards, it’s no surprise that Insight Timer is the world’s number one free app for meditation, sleep, anxiety, and mindfulness. Featuring 60,000 guided meditations (in over 30 languages) from 9,000 teachers, you’re bound to find the right people and sessions that will help guide your journey towards peace and happiness. We’re fans of the multiple free courses, like learn how to meditate in 7 days, mindful approaches to work and life, and rising above social anxiety. There are even courses specifically for kids. And if you’re one of the one in three people who have mild insomnia, you need this app in your life; the sleep talks and sleep music are life-changing. The fact that all of these resources are free makes us love it even more.

Download here


This rapidly growing global platform (it’s spread to 100+ countries since launching in 2018) is on a mission to help a billion people become plant-based by 2030. If you’re on the hunt for vegan stuff anywhere in the world, abillionveg is for you. Within the app, you’ll find a thriving community of individuals hoping to make a positive impact. And you too have the opportunity to voice your opinion on anything plant-based and cruelty-free. Leave food reviews, search for vegan dishes and products, share your knowledge, and more. Plus, each review you leave helps people around the world live more sustainably, influence businesses, and support animal welfare.

Download here

Plant Nanny

OK, so this app is a little bit of a curveball in that it’s not particularly sophisticated, BUT it does provide a handy reminder to stay hydrated. And if you’re constantly forgetting to up your H2O intake, this is worth a shot. Set up your profile and Plant Nanny will tell you how much water you should be consuming daily. It’ll then remind you throughout the day to drink up. And the cute part? Every time you drink, you’ll simultaneously water your virtual plants helping them grow too. The more you drink, the more plants you’ll unlock. It’s giving us Tamagotchi throwback vibes; you’ll soon become obsessed with nurturing your virtual garden. And, more importantly, you’ll be hydrated to the max.

Download here

Deliciously Ella

You may have heard of Ella Woodward (nee Mills); the British food writer who found fame via Instagram (she now has 1.9 million followers) for sharing her plant-based journey. Now a successful entrepreneur with a range of cookbooks, snacks, and cafes, it’s her Deliciously Ella app that we’re particular fans of. Whether you’re all out vegan or just dipping your toe into adopting a more plant-centric diet, this app will inspire you with recipes that are quick, easy, and absolutely delicious. The app also contains meal planning and shopping list functionality, making it easy to meal prep in advance. Plus, you’ll also find workout sessions in the form of yoga, pilates, cardio, strength and barre with pro trainers. It’s an all-around wellness one-stop-shop that will set you on the right path towards healthy living.

Download here


This self-hypnosis app will help you master the art of hypnotherapy to “induce a dream-like state of relaxation” (sounds good to us). Eventually, it will lead you to a state of focused awareness, allowing you to train your mind to ditch bad habits and process and deal with deeply held emotional issues. Self-hypnosis can also assist with improving sleep quality, easing stress, worry, and anxiety, and even combating pain. It’s also worth exploring if you’re hoping to make a fundamental shift in habits, like giving up smoking or losing weight. Created by Christine Deschemin, a certified hypnotherapist, it’s Asia’s first-ever self-hypnosis app.

Download here

Down Dog

Sifting through the gazillions of yoga apps in the app store is a job in itself. But once you’ve found Down Dog, you can stop the search every time you’re desperate for a new flow. It contains over 60,000 different configurations meaning you’ll never do the same workout twice. The app allows you to select your time, level, focus, voice, and music before it creates a unique, personalised yoga practice. 20 minutes of Savasana? Hell yes!

Download here


This free self-development app contains a tonne of content from experts around the globe that will help you take control of your life. Covering everything from finance and health, to purpose and relationships, this app will help you transform pretty much anything. From educational blogposts to inspiring self-development ‘tracks’ that will encourage you to make positive change, this app will help you live, well, more (see what they did there?). If you want to realise your full potential, give it a whirl.

Download here


Struggle to focus? Take too long to find your mojo in the morning? Always have 100 tabs open in your browser? To experience true wizardry, download Brain.fm. Using official techy science, it has created playlists of functional music that help you focus in 15 minutes. Using patented technology, its music is purpose-built to steer you into your desired mental state to achieve peak productivity. And holy smokes it works – total genius.

Download here


The sexual wellness app for women that you didn’t know you needed. Launching earlier this year, its female-first content focuses on sexual empowerment, intimate education, and sensuous entertainment. The app will encourage you to discover and reconnect with your body, gain confidence, boost your libido, get in the mood, improve your self-esteem and body image, and have more fun with your partner. Don’t be shy and download it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Download here

Your Super

Detox your diet with Your Super; the app that contains recipes, a health blog, videos, and the Be Sexy Eat Plants podcast. You can also shop its extensive array of superfood plant protein mixes. If good health is a priority for you, this app will support you on your journey. The live chat function is really helpful to keep you on track to meet your goals, and the recipes will keep you inspired to make better plant-based food choices.

Download here

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