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Author: Sally Shoult

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And that’s a wrap; 90 speakers, 21 hours of live-stream juicy content, 20 workshops, 63 conscious brands, over one thousand attendees, and hundreds of #LittleGreenSteps. Here are the highlights from our first-ever Virtual Conscious Festival. In case you've been living under

The time has come: join us this weekend at The Virtual Conscious Festival! The stage is set for our inaugural virtual event and we are pumped. Here are the highlights you DO NOT want to miss. We’ve said all along this

The Virtual Conscious Festival is a three-day immersive experience bursting with life-changing talks, experiential workshops, and #LittleGreenSteps. Here we share more about what to expect from our EXPO and the amazing brands you can shop throughout the weekend. As many of

The GAIA World Tour is set to live stream 30-hours of non-stop content on biodiversity featuring scientists, artists, activists, and citizens. Here’s everything you need to know. If you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably missed us wittering on about

So you think the Virtual Conscious Festival is just another ZOOM thing? Think again. We mean it when we say it’s an immersive experience. Here’s the lowdown on our workshop schedule that will see you travel across timezones and borders

The science behind climate change can be overwhelming. You might even feel that your individual actions won’t make a big difference in the grand scheme of things anyway. But the United Nation’s Anatomy of Action report scientifically proves that’s not

We’ve extended the Virtual Conscious Festival by one day so we can get down to business on Friday 12 June. Break up the monotony of working from home with a trip to our virtual world for you and your colleagues. This

With only four weeks to go until the Virtual Conscious Festival we wanted to share one of our most ambitious goals yet: getting 10,000 people to commit and pledge to take a #LittleGreenStep. Preparations for the Virtual Conscious Festival are well

You’ll likely have heard the news that we’re transforming our Conscious Festival into a virtual experience this year. One of the highlights of the event is always the TALKS, and this year is no exception. We’ve only gone and done it;