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Author: Sally Shoult

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The average human goes through around 100 toilet rolls per year. No surprises then, that this everyday household item is responsible for the destruction of large swathes of forest across the globe. Here we explore the issue with tissue, the

Going green at home isn’t just sustainable; it’s economical too. Here are 10 ways you might be wasting energy (and money) without even realising, and what you can do about it. In 2018, Singapore's National Environment Agency reported that household electricity

These 10 sustainable sneaker brands are doing things differently. From sustainable materials and ethical production to circular economies and stylish design. Shop consciously at one of these eco-friendly trainer brands next time you need a new pair. Shoes are big business.

Food delivery services Deliveroo and foodpanda team up with WWF to tackle Hong Kong's unsustainable packaging problem and reduce plastic waste. Sustainability within the F&B sector is ratcheting up a notch. Recently we’ve seen a Singapore-based F&B sustainability council forming. Vegan

We recently brought you the scoop on The R Collective Net-a-Porter launch. And we've long championed its founder and CEO, Christina Dean, as a Green Warrior. Here's the latest from Christina herself on the philosophy behind the latest collection and

Californian environmental group, Earth Island Institute (EII), is embarking on a David versus Goliath legal challenge after filing a lawsuit against the world's largest plastic polluters.  Here're some facts for you: every piece of plastic ever produced still exists on Earth

In recent years vegetarianism and veganism have shifted from the margins to the mainstream. Long gone are the days of boring nut roasts and over-boiled vegetables. Thanks to increasing awareness about the environmental impact of the livestock industry, improvements in