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Author: Sally Shoult

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Got plans this weekend? Catch the latest exhibition from National Geographic at the ArtScience Museum from now until 28 March 2021. Planet or Plastic? tells the story of plastic’s evolution and features over 70 profound images. In Singapore, 700 million kgs

Cover your face sustainably with these environmentally-friendly (not to mention snazzy) reusable face masks from conscious brands we rate. A new report by Systemiq and the PEW Charitable Trusts shows plastic flows into the ocean are expected to triple by 2040.

We recently launched the #GITNBTalks online sessions to provide a platform enabling us to discuss pressing topics with thought leaders, industry insiders, and sustainability experts. In our first session, we took a running dive bomb into the topic of why

The 2020 Grand Final of the Redress Design Awards crowned its menswear and womenswear champions amid tough competition from global entrants. So, who are the eco-friendly designers of the future to look out for? The wait to find out is

Despite the Paris Agreement banks show little sign, nor genuine commitment, of slowing their investments in fossil fuels. In fact, spending is ramping up. So which banks are the worst offenders? And what, if anything, can you do about it? The

Ditch the plastic and grab your reusable bag, jars, and containers. It’s time to start shopping for groceries and other conscious essentials at these zero-waste grocery and lifestyle stores in Singapore. Step into a grocery store in Singapore and be prepared

Singapore’s obsession with plastic bags shows no sign of slowing. Thank goodness then for brands like Peco bag; it's taking action to reduce single-use waste with its reusable designs made from recycled bottles. I vividly remember the first time I went

Looking for sustainable style but don't know which brands to purchase from or even trust? (Because, hello, greenwashing.) We're here to help with our guide to eco-friendly and ethical clothing for snappy dressing, while saving the planet, too. It's no secret

Every year we compile a list of eco-champions, change-makers, and all-around inspirational humans who are helping to change our world with tangible action. Team, assemble: it’s time to nominate your 2020 Green Warriors. We created the Green Warrior campaign to celebrate