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Author: Sally Shoult

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November 1 marks World Vegan Day. And if you're considering switching to a solely plant-based diet you might be feeling apprehensive about the effects this choice will have on your lifestyle. Our resident herbivore, Harsha Poojari, gives us the skinny

Boost your health by downloading these 11 wellness apps that will genuinely enhance your wellbeing; from self-hypnosis, meditation guides, and sleep aids to sexual wellness, hydration reminders, and making better plant-based food choices. It's time to get savvy with your smartphone.

barePack has been on a mission since 2019 to end single-use takeout containers in Singapore. But the war on waste doesn’t end here. It now has plans to shake up the foodie scene in Paris. Need takeout, but don’t want the

The alternative protein scene in Asia is booming and to prove it, award-winning Impossible Foods is launching in grocery stores across Hong Kong and Singapore this week. Home chefs; rejoice! Since launching in 2011, Impossible Foods has been on a mission

We recently caught up with Caleigh Megless Schmidt to hear more about her sustainability journey, the conscious resolutions she lives her life by, and what it's like being an American chef in Paris trying to persuade Frenchies to eat more

16 sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly fashion brands for men that you'll actually want to wear. When it comes to sustainable fashion, womenswear dominates the market. But the tide is slowly turning with an increasing amount of new, ethical menswear labels emerging

Here at GITNB HQ, we spend our days trying to raise awareness about the climate crisis and the actions we can all take to reverse global warming. And through all of the interactions, there are a few things that crop

As Green Monday secures US$70 million in its latest funding round, the future looks bright for Asian Alternative Protein solutions. Since the launch of Beyond Meat in 2009, the alternative protein market has morphed into a multi-billion dollar industry. Experts predict

In advance of the TEDxTinHau Countdown event in Hong Kong on 17 October, we chatted with the line-up of inspirational speakers to identify the climate solutions they believe will help shape the future of our planet. When it comes to the