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Author: Leanne McNulty

About The Author

Leanne has worked and volunteered in the NGO sector in Asia and the UK for almost a decade. She is a proud and passionate fundraiser who is motivated by connecting people to causes that they care about and giving them the opportunity to make a real difference. Since growing up on the West Coast of Ireland, she has always been a lover of nature, especially the ocean. Her journey towards living more sustainably and consciously started slowly through an interest in minimalism, plant-based diet, yoga and the zero-waste movement. She has attempted all of them with varying degrees of success! Seeing the Extinction Rebellion April actions in London this year was the biggest wake-up call to learn the truth about the scale of the climate crisis and Leanne now considers herself a bone fide, but imperfect, environmentalist keen to share the infinite benefits of slowing down and living more mindfully with anyone who will listen!

What does joy mean to you? How are you cultivating joy in your life? What are “joy thieves” and how are they stealing from us? What is “manufactured joy” and how is it different to authentic joy? How do we

Mainstream environmentalism still heavily features the same tired stereotypes. The wealthy white conservationist. The tech-loving sustainability professional. Or the hemp-wearing, vegan treehugger we are all familiar with. Rarely do we see environmentalism from a queer perspective. However, nature and queerness

The Great Resignation. The first unionised Amazon branch. A four day week. Remote and hybrid work. The way we work is radically changing for the better. Even before the pandemic, the modern workplace was not working for so many. In

In Europe, a steep rise in wholesale gas prices has caused an ongoing energy crisis. Despite fossil fuel companies making record profits in 2021, the rise is so sharp in the UK that up to 25% of households could be

Right now, a number of bills working their way through UK parliament have citizens deeply concerned that the nation’s democracy, and fundamental rights like protest, are under threat. So, what exactly is going on? System change needs protest - but we

Indigenous wisdom is science. It does not follow the Western scientific method and is therefore often dismissed as invalid. However, research that confirms its effectiveness is growing. If we have any chance of restoring the earth's balance, we must be

In 2021, while people were dying because they could not afford to meet basic needs like vaccines, food or shelter, three of the world’s richest men were dabbling in space travel. Since the pandemic began, millions have lost their livelihoods

A wave of climate-conscious music activism initiatives has been sweeping the music events space. DJs, pop stars and rock stars alike are driving the mission to make music planet-friendly. With their unique ability to bring people together both physically and

‘It’s easier to imagine the end of the world, than the end of capitalism”.* You’ve probably heard something like this before, the idea that we are so bound by the confines of our current system that we are unable to