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Author: Leanne McNulty

About The Author

Leanne has worked and volunteered in the NGO sector in Asia and the UK for almost a decade. She is a proud and passionate fundraiser who is motivated by connecting people to causes that they care about and giving them the opportunity to make a real difference. Since growing up on the West Coast of Ireland, she has always been a lover of nature, especially the ocean. Her journey towards living more sustainably and consciously started slowly through an interest in minimalism, plant-based diet, yoga and the zero-waste movement. She has attempted all of them with varying degrees of success! Seeing the Extinction Rebellion April actions in London this year was the biggest wake-up call to learn the truth about the scale of the climate crisis and Leanne now considers herself a bone fide, but imperfect, environmentalist keen to share the infinite benefits of slowing down and living more mindfully with anyone who will listen!

Hailed as a cure for everything from anxiety to asthma, CBD is truly having its moment. Back in 2019, we discussed the how, what and where of CBD products in Asia and have witnessed the industry soar to even loftier

A wave of climate-conscious initiatives has been sweeping the music events space. DJs, pop stars and rock stars alike are driving the mission to make music planet-friendly. With their unique ability to bring people together both physically and emotionally, they

An outraged mom attempted to shock the internet earlier this week by revealing how much sugar is in a single Cadbury's Creme Egg. Twitter's hilarious responses were not quite what she was expecting. While you might not be surprised that

The recent UK Police bill has been called “draconian” by activists, politicians and campaigners alike and described as a threat to fundamental rights to peaceful protest and an assault on democracy. So, what is going on? Before we get into the

Have you ever thought about what happens to your stationery when you're finished with it? We're guessing you probably didn't know that about 14 billion pencils are used globally every year? Or that one tree can yield around 170,000 pencils,

Did you know that Indigenous people are saving 80% of the world’s biodiversity? Despite their deep connection to and knowledge of, precious natural resources like the Amazon rainforest and Arctic Ice, Indigenous peoples voices are rarely heard on the world

The pandemic has exposed the fragility of our systems and brought societal inequalities to the fore. We have an opportunity to build back better and one of the key ways we can do that is an investment in the green

In a society that is becoming increasingly disconnected from its natural surroundings and addicted to technology - what can we gain from rewilding ourselves? We take a look at the benefits of becoming more in tune with the natural world

We know that reducing meat consumption helps reduce carbon emissions - but are people actually doing it? With more vegan products than ever on the market and lab grown meat on the horizon, it might come as a surprise that