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Sustainable Beauty Brand Spotlight: Kjaer Weiss

The next time you need to refresh your makeup supplies, take a #LittleGreenStep by exploring sustainable alternatives to your favourite products. In her latest contribution, BOLT Beauty founder, Lisa Sexton, shares the sustainability credentials of luxe brand Kjaer Weiss. "The creamiest lipsticks, dewy blushes, and subtly pigmented eye shadows. It’s a full range of makeup,…

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Jewellery Industry

Scéona is a fine jewellery company doing things differently. Proving that high-end quality and design can also be sustainable, it's turning a notoriously unethical industry on its head with its eco-friendly approach. It’s no secret that the word ‘luxury’ is often code for ‘eco-disaster’. From designer dresses to hotel amenities, most things that boast opulence…

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