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Conscious Festival

Got plans for 29th February? You do now! If you’re new to the party, it’s

The final panel of this year’s Conscious Festival in Singapore explored the fashion industry. It

Day two of the Conscious Festival powered by Holland & Barrett saw the youth take

On Saturday afternoon, speakers and panellists gathered at the Conscious Festival in Singapore in front

During the fifth Conscious Festival powered by Holland & Barratt in Singapore, we hosted four

We came, we saw, we conquered—now we recap the highlights from the year’s Conscious Festival

Browse a shortlist of unmissable activities at this year's Conscious Festival powered by Holland &

Welcome back to TALKS, the most riveting and enlightening element of the Conscious Festival year

Singapore, we're back with The Conscious Festival Powered by Holland & Barrett. And this year we are vegan, carbon-neutral and as close to zero waste as we can be. Just wait until you see what we've cooked up for you this

More often than we'd like to admit, labels like sustainable, organic and healthy are nothing more than a marketing gimmick. So we want to be as honest with you as we are with ourselves about our journey to turning The Conscious

The Conscious Festival wrapped up on Sunday afternoon in Hong Kong with the travel track and saw thought leaders from across the world come together and discuss how to explore the planet in a greener and more sustainable way. Here