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Green Warriors 2018

Warrior individual page associated with this category will be associated with the 2018 green warriors directory page

We've been waiting all year long for this, and we bet you have been, too:

Saving the world’s wildlife one bear at a time For taking a stance against animal cruelty Jill

Making shark week green (and less scary!) For her work helping women reduce their waste and

Standing up for what she believes in For her work in wildlife conservation and environmental advocacy Eco-activist

Cleaning up our vegetables For her work advocating and leading the pesticide-free movement and toxin-free community Océane

Goes Zero, becomes a hero For her work promoting a Zero Waste Lifestyle Zero Waste SG is

Helping people dress green For her work advocating and promoting sustainable fashion Founded in 2009, Zhai is

Living proof that green can reign For promoting conscious living Sonalie Figueiras is the founder and editor-in-chief

Turning trash into treasure For Educating the public on living greener lifestyles Hong Kong's "Green Mama" Lam

Wholesome, Clean, Green Fun For going zero-waste Hannah has been on a personal zero waste challenge for two years, which basically means that she doesn't, or tries not to, purchase anything with packaging that cannot be reused, upcycled, or recycled. For her,

Making Mondays Green again For founding green and healthy supermarkets and encouraging people to go green at least one day of the week David Yeung is a noted environmental advocate and founder of Green Monday, an innovative social venture that takes on climate

Making sure the seas are free of P(lastic) For his work fighting against plastic in the oceans and being an environmental activist in Asia for over 20 years. Doug is the Founder and Managing Director of Ocean Recovery Alliance, which is focused