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Green Is The New Black

Hannah Chung | The Zero Waste Challenger

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Wholesome, Clean, Green Fun

For going zero-waste

Hannah has been on a personal zero waste challenge for two years, which basically means that she doesn’t, or tries not to, purchase anything with packaging that cannot be reused, upcycled, or recycled. For her, zero waste is not about being achieving perfection, it’s about understanding the bigger picture of how our waste is handled, and how we as individuals, fit into the whole ecosystem and can demand more with the conscious purchases that we make. She is currently working on launching a circular and sharing economy model of food and beverage packaging in Hong Kong. Revolv is a wonderful team of like-minded people, implementing a reusable to-go coffee cup, water bottle, and food container service on a shareable scheme with pilot programmes currently operating in Bali and Hong Kong.

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A little sparrow who is convinced that every tiny step you take is capable of creating a big, massive change. She's "Teacher Mini" to those who know her best and simply crazy to everyone else; Her life goals include planting an oak tree and driving a cement truck, and she hopes that one day, people will believe her when she says that you can see stars hanging out in Singapore's skies.