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Green Is The New Black

Betty Lam Lai-Shan | Founder, Green Fingers Hong Kong

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Turning trash into treasure

For Educating the public on living greener lifestyles

Hong Kong’s “Green Mama” Lam Lai- Shan educates the public on how to live a more green lifestyle. She is a housewife who is devoted to practising green living, permacultre and meditation as well as advocating the importance of them with a vision of creating a world of kindness and harmony. She also takes pleasure in studying the small things in life, re-using resources creatively and sharing her ideas with friends. She thinks life is so enriching and fun that she treasures and enjoys every moment of it.

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A little sparrow who is convinced that every tiny step you take is capable of creating a big, massive change. She's "Teacher Mini" to those who know her best and simply crazy to everyone else; Her life goals include planting an oak tree and driving a cement truck, and she hopes that one day, people will believe her when she says that you can see stars hanging out in Singapore's skies.