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Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA
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Tove & Libra

Power To The People Protect The Planet

Elevated ethical essentials: authentic, functional and sustainable.



Tove & Libra promotes a philosophy of quality over quantity. They want to create a dialogue with consumers on how to take a more conscious approach towards what they buy and wear. They also want to teach consumers how to seamlessly incorporate sustainable options into a streamlined wardrobe.



The team at Tove & Libra are passionate about redefining consumers’ relationship with their closet. Whether raising environmental and ethical consciousness of the clothing production process, or providing effortless dressing options to dynamic urban women seeking both style and sustainability.



They use the highest-quality yarns and textiles, with a keen focus on natural materials. They design their clothing such that they don’t fall apart, lose shape, or clog up landfills. Their collection also makes use of deadstock yarns and fabrics, redirecting what would have otherwise been tossed. Ultra-stylish upcycling! Finally, their garments are also produced under proper working conditions. Their workers are treated well and paid fairly. Tove & Libra makes sure of these by working directly with them, or with long-time partners who they can vouch for.



PROTECT THE PLANET: At least 50% of their ethical essentials makes use of upcycled materials from deadstock. The deadstock is either purchased from our partner suppliers or leftover from our own production for other brands. For the balance we use sustainable choices like BCI cotton, traceable cashmere and Tencel. They actively educate our customers on the fabrics they use and how to care for them properly. Because extending a garment’s shelf life by just 9 months can reduce its environmental footprint by 30%! As an advocate of slow fashion, they don’t create huge collections that wind up becoming just stuff.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Their factories have been certified to meet stringent international standards. Meaning that they produce their garments under lawful, humane and ethical conditions. Many of their workers stay with them for these reasons. In fact, some of their production and factory managers have worked with them for over 20 years!



After graduating from Brown University with a degree in Visual Arts, Christine worked in fast-paced New York City as a trend forecaster. Eventually returning to Hong Kong to join the family’s apparel manufacturing business, Christine relished in learning hands-on how to turn design concepts into reality. She established a fabric and development team to broaden the company’s capabilities.

Though Ivan always loved the sciences and studied biology at the University of Cambridge, he knew a lifetime of staring down microscopes wasn’t for him. So, after graduating, he joined the garment manufacturing company his father and grandfather had built to learn about business. Starting from the bottom, he toiled away to understand the trade. Looking to expand his horizons, Ivan partnered with Christine to create Tove & Libra. He now puts his rich knowledge to new use, managing operations and finance for this new retail brand.

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