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Protect The Planet

Meaningful fashion; beautifully-designed clothes that tell a story.



Qlothè is an independent womenswear label from Singapore. They believe that we carry the story of the people who make our clothes around us, and the things that make them possible. Once they realised that fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, they decided to be different. From 2019, sustainability became the core of everything they do. From the fabrics they use, to the welfare of the people they work with, and more.



Qlothè’s mission is to save the planet and make sure people look damn good while doing it. They want to be a business that tells a story for the people who make what we wear, for the people who wear them and the things that make them possible. Their vision is to be part of a world where sustainability is inherent in everything that we do.



Qlothè believes in slow and meaningful fashion. They pour their heart and soul into creating two to three small collections each season. Meanwhile, when it comes to design, they make sure to create timeless silhouettes that also tell stories. They also work with conscious fabrics and fibres, to minimise their environmental impact. And finally, they also make sure to develop relationships with the people who help produce their garments.



PROTECT THE PLANET: Aside from producing slow fashion and making sure that their clothing designs are timeless, Qlothè also takes special note of the materials. One of the materials they use is TENCEL, widely recognised for its lower environmental footprint. That is, compared to many other virgin materials. While they use cotton, they also are using recycled, organic, and Better Cotton. We encourage you to check out their website for more details! Sustainability for them is a process, and they’re constantly improving themselves. Whether it’s through packaging, materials, working with NGOs, and even using solar to power their office!



Elvynd Soh is the Creative Director and founder at a sustainable womenswear label, Qlothè. He doodles, sketches, and works with seamstresses, patternmakers, social enterprises and creatives to craft sustainably-made womenswear that tell a story for the people who make them, and the people who wear them.

As an entrepreneur with a heart, Elvynd and Qlothè have also worked together with NGOs, and social enterprises to raise extensive funding for underprivileged children, people with special needs and children afflicted with cancer. For some reason, Elvynd is a certified digital marketer and he holds a BA in Pharmacy from the National University of Singapore but finds healthcare too boring (sorry guys).

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