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Power To The People Protect The Planet

Handmade, not molded: ethical and sustainable eyewear.



Truth&All started with a trip to Malaysia, during which the husband-and-wife pair realised the scale of the single-use plastic marine pollution problem. Nine months later, they birthed an eyewear brand that speaks their truth: eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, sustainable packaging, socially responsible partners and all.



Truth&All is based on the saying: “Do you want the truth and all?” Meaning the unfiltered truth. The Truth for them is that we live unsustainably. The &All reflects our collective decision to act.

Truth&All Eyewear is made with heart. It comes from a good place and commits to giveback more than they take. And they invite you to join them, to make a difference – one wonderful set of eyewear at a time.


Every part of the process is conscious. Firstly, the materials used to make their eyewear is oil-free, eco-friendly and importantly biodegradable. Secondly, each pair is sustainably handmade, and they work with socially responsible partners that share the same vision as them. They’ve sweated the small stuff in everything else too. The case, the cloth, the delivery box, the delivery slip. All eco-friendly and recycled materials. Finally, additional features include a case with a section for your credit cards. And a strap for your more demanding dance moves.



POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Truth&All’s main partner is in a town in Greece just outside Athens. A family run business, who follow the strict work codes of the EU. A movement designed to maintain the craft of hand-made eyewear.

PROTECT THE PLANET: Using recycled plastic doesn’t change behaviour. Unsurprisingly, it solves nothing in the long run – it simply alters the end state. That’s why Truth&All didn’t just stop at recycled plastic for their sustainable eyewear. They found a solution in Italy through a company called Mazzucchelli. M49.  A bio-based acetate.  M49 acetate is made from sustainable wood, cotton and natural resins making it oil-free, eco-friendly and importantly biodegradable. Additionally, acetate is also produced in sheet form which is hand-cut not molded in machines like plastics. Which reduces the environmental impact of production and creates a superior hand-made product.



Gemma is passionate about making a difference. She began her professional career as a physiotherapist where she could impact recovery and quality of life. On a family holiday, she experienced first hand the devastating impact of plastic over consumption on our oceans and beaches. With strong business skills and expertise behind her, she has launched a sustainable sunglasses brand with her business partner and amazing husband, Dave.


Dave loves the water, but he is admittedly a terrible, terrible surfer – but this doesn’t stop him having all the gear.  He has worked in media and advertising for over 15 years across a number of markets including Europe, Australia and Asia.  Driven by experiencing plastic pollution first-hand while in South-East Asia, Dave journeyed into cyclical economy and the sustainable space.