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Power To The People Protect The Planet

Sustainable ready-to-wear clothing that is designed to last. For him & her.


Stain is an eco-conscious ready-to-wear label that embraces the relationship between design and sustainability. Every garment is made in Indonesia where they work closely with local artisans to perfect each piece with attention to detail. They take pride in following the slow fashion approach while considering their processes, the resources they use and the artisans they work with when creating their collections. #stainedwithintention


Stain’s vision is to increase awareness of environmental sustainability by staying committed to making ethical, responsible and environmentally conscious choices. Their aim is to integrate our personal values in fashion and inspire people to make conscious decisions in the right direction.

Stain value the individuals they work with to make their clothes. They work hands-on and closely with their suppliers and local artisans in Indonesia to promote and encourage ethical and safe work environments while perfecting each piece with attention to detail. Through these interactions, they want to build long-lasting connections while redefining the values of fashion through design and ethical practices.


Stain upcycle deadstock fabrics to produce our garments to prevent the textiles from going into landfills, which contributes to land pollution. They also source natural fabrics instead of using synthetic materials to prevent micro-plastics from going into the ocean and not contributing to landfills. But not using plastic in their trimmings or packaging, they avoid using single-use plastic.


PROTECT THE PLANET: Stain pride themselves on ethical, responsible and environmentally conscious fashion practices.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Stain keep their work local by working with an independent family-owned workshop that consists of a tight-knit team of eight people.


Monica Tarunadjaja is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She grew up in Singapore and attended UWCSEA before moving to New York and then London for university. She’s always been focused on creating clothes that are not just fashionable but also sellable and wearable. Monica strives that the brand she creates will not only have good design but also the best quality and finishing, and evokes the right message towards a cleaner change for the fashion industry.

Pooja Bhansali is a textile designer and entrepreneur who grew up in Jakarta before moving to the United States where she earned her BFA in textiles and fibres from Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. Her love for design and creating started from a young age, but sustainable design piqued her interest when she was in college after watching A Plastic Ocean and The True Cost. Pooja became determined to create a business model that implemented responsible practices and design that are ethically made and sustainable while never compromising on design and quality.