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Power To The People Protect The Planet

Sustainable athleisure made from ECONYL Regenerated Nylon.



Outfyt is an eco-friendly athleisure brand. After experiencing firsthand the amount of plastic waste that came with their first collection, they made a decision. They no longer wanted to be yet another fashion brand contributing to a non-sustainable society. And they also did not want to be a part of the negative environmental impact contributed by the fast-fashion industry. So they decided that they wouldn’t be part of the problem, and instead be part of the solution.

Their core purpose of creating workout clothes that effortlessly transition from gym life to everyday life did not change. However, they decided to ensure that future collections are made with eco-friendly fabrics. And they’re now on a mission to make environmentally conscious decisions through the product life: from manufacturing to purchase.



Outfyt aims to provide consumers with eco-friendly options and educate users on how they can make a difference by making conscious purchasing decisions and cutting down on their consumption by prolonging the life span of their purchases. On a bigger scale, Outfyt aims to educate the public about the impact of plastic pollution in the ocean in particular caused by the garment industry and fast fashion, along with how to make individual positive changes that will contribute to larger-scale ocean health.


Outfyt’s eco-collection is made of Econyl: a regenerated nylon fabric produced from abandoned fishnets rescued from the ocean. Additionally, Outfyt donates part of proceeds to Healthy Seas: an organisation dedicated to marine protection by retrieving lost and abandoned fishing nets from the sea causing needless death of marine life.



PROTECT THE PLANET: By 2020, Outfyt aims to be fully eco-friendly. Their current initiatives include producing high-quality pieces that will last and designing in small batches. They will be removing all single-use plastics by 2020, and have phased out garment labels, packaging paper, and more.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Outfyt works with an ethical manufacturer in Indonesia. All their staff earn above the minimum wage. Their employees and immediate family also have health insurance, and the factory has safety measures in place. There is also a strict no-discrimination policy and no child labour practices!



For the founder, Stephanie Colhag Yeo, a well-designed activewear Outfyt with the perfect fit gave her all the motivation she needed to workout. This led her to create her activewear brand, Outfyt, to motivate and inspire women to live a conscious and balanced lifestyle. Having experienced firsthand the amount of plastic waste that came with the first collection shocked her and she decided that there needed to be a change. Stephanie sourced for eco-friendly fabrics and factories for a year before launching the first eco-friendly collection in July 2019; ECO LUXE. Stephanie’s mission is to simultaneously motivate women and promote sustainability

outfyt founder green is the new black