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Green Is The New Black

How to Plan the Best Green Party EVER this Christmas and New Years Eve!

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A little party never hurt nobody- but some parties sure contribute to killing the Earth. Here are our tips and tricks to have a sustainable party this holiday season.

In our last Conscious Christmas guide in 2018, we’re here to prove that you can have fun while being sustainable, too. Because hey- the party’s gonna last forever if both you and the planet live to tell the tale! Also, we’re here to prove that planning a sustainable Christmas or New Year’s Eve party isn’t anywhere near as difficult or as expensive as everyone makes it out to be. It’s as easy as taking the smallest of #LittleGreenSteps to make a conscious choice about what you’re buying. And without further ado, here’s a checklist of everything you need to throw the meanest, greenest Conscious Christmas party.

If you are looking for nutty goodness, look no further than these divine cashew treats from Bali Mana & Bali East Cashews. They have flavours for all taste buds like cacao, chili lime, salted caramel popcorn, and chocolate caramel popcorn. They want to make sustainable snacks affordable to everyone while supporting local farmers from around Bali. Their products have no additives and everything they produce is non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. Nothing is wasted, they even use cashew shells for fuel their factory.
Snacks & Bread 
If you are looking for homegrown Singapore snacks, check out The Whole Kitchen’s range of gourmet, wholesome and healthy food. They want you to feel your best through healthy yet delicious food. From energy balls, chocolate peanut butter cakes, fruit cakes, creative nut mixes, and even gluten-free bouncy breads – they have a little something for your sweet and carb craving party needs. You can rest assure they only use 100% natural ingredients, that are free of gluten, additives, and always low in sugar, from natural unrefined sources. Available in Singapore.
Coconut Chips & Bites 
Let the magic of coconuts be the talk of the party with Coco Paradise’s healthy, delicious and nutrient-packed coconut-based nibbles. You are what you eat (or so they say), so why not pack your body with a little magic from wholesome coconuts. They have a seasonal apple, cinnamon, raspberry coconut bites, coco-bars, coconut different flavoured chips, bites, and toasted caramel coco-bites. Not only are the vegan-friendly, but they are also honest about their ingredients which are free from harmful chemicals and misleading additives. Available in Hong Kong and Singapore.
100% Organic Superfoods
If you are going to be baking, then you want to make sure you picking the best ingredients to superpower your guests, especially with all the extra treats and drinks at this time of year. Let’s keep our immunities up with LVL superfoods, free of nasties and promising you the very top quality. They have the following powders; aloe vera, ashwagandha, baobab, cacao, maca, moringa, turmeric. As well as chia seeds, nut butters and cacao nibs. Stay healthy and strong this festive season with these plant-based superfoods that have been sustainably sourced from around the world, and packaged in beautiful, reusable, and eco-friendly tins.




TTG stands for Through the Grapevine, a fitting name for a company that brings you a selection of organic and sustainable wines from around the world, some from regions you know and love and some from regions they have uncovered for you to discover. TTG Wines are serious about quality, honesty, discovering and enjoying wine. So if you don’t want your guests to be whining all night about your party, you’d best get a case in.

Read more or Shop here.



SPARKLE Champagne will have your friends tasting the stars and the moon at your party. With their exquisite selection of premium organic champagnes, spirits and wines, they’re bound to delight even the grumpiest old frump and get everybody feeling merry!

Read more or Shop here.




Bushwick Biotech is Singapore’s only craft Kombucha brewery! They have a line of handcrafted naturally energising probiotics, including Kombucha and milk kefir. Their products are packed full of probiotics and are made locally and from the very best ingredients, local and organic whenever possible and otherwise, all-natural. Give your friends and family the healthy dose of good gut bacteria they need to keep dancing!

Read more or Shop here.


Vegan Oat Milk

Oatly’s sole purpose as a company is to make it easy for people to turn what they eat and drink into personal moments of healthy joy without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process. This Swedish-based vegan oat milk brand has won the hearts of many with their milk, and will definitely bring all the boys to your yard (and your party).

Read more or Shop here.


Coffee, Tea & Juices 

You can’t just leave your guests thirsty if they don’t drink milk or alcohol (or are on reactive meds). Les Vergers du Mekong works with the local growers in Vietnam to produce the finest coffee, the rarest tea and the most luscious juices. They work on complete traceability to control the quality of the farm, the crop and the ingredients, and seek to create and promote great-tasting, healthier food & drinks.

Shop here. 




We think that a party that has no cake involved isn’t a party worth going to. Oh My Goodness is a homegrown Singapore food company specialising in making moist and delicious gluten-free, dairy-free & refined sugar-free food. Their cakes, breads and cookies are naturally better for you without tasting like chalk or feeling like cardboard. Most of its Goodness is completely grain-free and paleo-friendly, too. So no matter the allergies or diet choices of your guests, they’ll all be able to enjoy a slice of greatness.

Read more or Shop here. 



WHAT’sIN specializes in delivering surprise fresh fruit baskets to doorsteps of families, individuals, and corporations. They believe that everyone should have access to fresh and tasty seasonal fruits, at a reasonable price. So if you’ve got a bunch of kiddos whose parents won’t let them have cake or some elderly folks who could always do with a vitamin fill, you’ve gotta make sure you got the good fruit.

Read more or Shop here.

Raw Vegan Balls 
Jingle, jangle, bells and ballz. Happy Bites has the best raw vegan balls around. These superfood balls pack a punch, with only a handful of simple ingredients. If your friends are health conscious, fitness buffs or have those sweet cravings, Happy Bites has a flavour for everyone. You can mix and match your balls, and know that everyone is hand rolled with love. Oh and their ballz are gluten-free, vegan and contain no GMO’s, preservatives or added sugars. Available in Hong Kong.



What’s a special occasion without flowers? Charlotte Puxley Flowers has the best handmade floral arrangements using only the best flora locally and regionally. Their absolutely gorgeous arrangements are sure to have your guests fawning over all things wild and wonderful. 

Read more or Shop here.



Food Service (Plates, cups, Cutlery etc)

We know disposable plastic cups and plates are just so convenient for hosting parties- but what if you could have that convenience without the plastic pollution that comes after? Vegware is here to solve all your foodservice and catering needs. With their plant-based cups, cutlery and even their bowls, they’ll have you serving food at your party with all the class in the world- and no mess after!

Shop here.



Deep Blue Straws offers Paper, Metal and Bamboo straws, so whatever you require, they are confident they can help you on your journey as they fight to protect the world’s oceans. Plus, their straws are so cute and adorable that no one’s going to be complaining when you make the switch.

Shop here.


And that’s everything you need to know about hosting a mean green holiday party. Remember, sustainability does NOT have to come at the cost of convenience or functionality!


Photo credit – @jonsiegel


That’s 12 days of Conscious Christmas 2018, sorted. Have you checked out all the little ways to have a greener Christmas this year yet? You’ve definitely gotta check out our selection of Conscious Gifts under $50, or how you can have a Zero Waste Christmasa Vegan ChristmasZero waste swaps for eco-friendlier presents, the Best conscious presents to get your family, How to dress both fashionably AND sustainably this holiday season or even a how you can have a Conversation about Climate Change and give Sustainable Corporate Gifts. We even have tips on Conscious Crafting! Also, do you know which GREEN SPICE you are yet? Or where you’ll be having a plant-based Christmas dinner this year? 

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