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How to Plan the Meanest and Greenest Conscious Christmas Party

A little party never hurt anybody — but some parties definitely hurt the planet. As we enter one of the most indulgent, excessive and consumer-driven time of the year, we’d like show you how to do things a little better. In addition to stuffing stockings a little more sustainably and a guide on having a very vegan Christmas, we’ve also compiled a list of tricks and tips to throwing a greener party this Christmas season.

As we enter December and dive full throttle into the holiday spirit, we want to remind you that while you’re eating, drinking and indulging at holiday parties and events, you can still be conscious while you’re at it. If you’re planning a party for Christmas or New Year’s Eve or if you just need a festival excuse to get your drink on, we’re here to show you that it isn’t anywhere nearly as difficult or as expensive as you might think. It’s really as easy as taking a #LittleGreenSteps approach to what you plan, buy and serve. Without further ado, here’s a go-to guide to throwing the meanest and greenest conscious Christmas party ever. 



Nuts — a staple for every party to keep grazing guests from starving. Our go-to is Bali Mana & Bali East Cashews. It has exotic flavours like cacao, chilli lime, salted caramel popcorn, and chocolate caramel popcorn. It also wants to make sustainable snacks affordable to everyone, so it keeps its prices low while supporting local farmers from around Bali. Its products have no additives, and everything produces is non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. Nothing is wasted; it even uses cashew shells to fuel their factory. Shop here.

Pili Nuts

Impress your guests by switching up the nut game and push Pili nuts instead. Pili nuts are activated nuts that grow wild on volcanic soil that GTC Life harvests in the Philippines. They come from the pili tree and have the highest level of Vitamin E of any nut, which makes them amazing for your skin. They also contain high levels of magnesium which is important for managing stress, heart health and it’s a master mineral responsible for over 300 bodily functions to boot. It also sells a brand of medicinal stingless bee honey which pairs well with a charcuterie board. Shop here.

Juices & Jams

Jams are the finishing touch to any holiday spread, from Christmas party to Christmas brunch. But conventional jams are often packed with preservatives, are high in sugar and imported. While we’d all love to have the time to make our own, holidays are hectic, so the next best thing is Le Fruit. Le Fruit is a healthy, authentic and sustainable brand from Vietnam that produces its juices and jams in the heart of the lush Mekong Delta in partnership with small family-owned farms in Vietnam. Fresh fruits are squeezed, crushed or simmered only one or two days after harvesting, and being so close to tropical fruit farms means that they can pick ripe sun-kissed fruits and quickly transport them to their kitchens. Le Fruit also offers all the tropical juices that your holiday cocktails need. Shop here.

Snacks & Bread 

Before you start working on your list of appetisers, take a gander at the shelves over at The Whole Kitchen for its range of gourmet, wholesome and healthy foods. From energy balls and chocolate peanut butter cakes to creative nut mixes, and even gluten-free bouncy bread – they have a little something for your sweet and carb craving party needs. Rest assured that you’ll be serving food with 100% natural ingredients that are free of gluten, additives, and always low in sugar. Shop them here.

Coconut Chips & Bites 

Let the magic of coconuts be the talk of the party with Coco Paradise’s healthy, delicious and nutrient-packed coconut-based nibbles. You are what you eat (or so they say), so why not pack your body with a little magic from wholesome coconuts? Try the seasonal apple, cinnamon, and raspberry coconut bites, or the classic coco-bars, flavoured coconut chips, and toasted caramel coco-bites. Not only are they vegan-friendly, but it’s completely transparent about its ingredients which are free from harmful chemicals and additives. Shop here.

100% Organic Superfoods

If you are going to be baking, then you want to make sure you picking the best ingredients to superpower your guests, especially with all the extra treats and drinks at this time of year. Keep your immunities up with LVL, who sell superfoods free from nasties and of the highest quality. They push several powders like aloe vera, ashwagandha, baobab, cacao, maca, moringa, and turmeric, as well as chia seeds, nut butter and cacao nibs. Stay healthy and strong this festive season with these plant-based superfoods that have been sustainably sourced from around the world, and packaged in beautiful, reusable, and eco-friendly tins. Shop here.




TTG stands for through the grapevine, a fitting name for a company that brings you a selection of organic and sustainable wines from around the world. Some come from regions you know and love, and others from areas is has uncovered for you to discover. TTG Wines are serious about quality, honesty, discovering and enjoying wine. So if you don’t want your guests to be whining all night about your party, you’d best get a case in. Shop here.


SPARKLE Champagne stocks an exquisite selection of premium organic champagnes, spirits, and wines. And you can’t have a party without popping a bottle of something sparkly to get everyone feeling merry. Plus, a glass of fizz is bound to delight even the grumpiest of bah humbugs! Shop here.




Solving the dilemma of what to drink when you’re not drinking, Seedlip is our go-to guilt-free tipple. Its Spice 94 blend is particularly Christmassy (it’s a heady mix of allspice, bark, and citrus distillates). The best part? Waking up sans hangover the morning after the night before.


We are in Asia, don’t forget to stay hydrated (unless you fancy a hangover of doom). Check out the range of water filters from Balanced Living that will ensure your H2O is as pure as pure can be.

Vegan Oat Milk

Oatly’s sole purpose as a company is to make it easy for people to turn what they eat and drink into personal moments of healthy joy without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process. This Swedish-based vegan oat milk brand has won the hearts of many with their milk, and will definitely bring all the boys to your yard (and your party). Shop here.

Coffee, Tea & Juices 

Caffeine — a must for anyone who’s had too many drinks or too much food. Les Vergers du Mekong works with the local growers in Vietnam to produce the finest coffee, the rarest tea and the most luscious juices. They work on complete traceability to control the quality of the farm, the crop and the ingredients and seek to create and promote great-tasting, healthier food and drinks. Shop here.





A party with no cake isn’t a party worth going to at all. Oh My Goodness is a homegrown Singapore food company specialising in making moist and delicious gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free food. Its cakes, bread and cookies are naturally better for you without tasting like chalk or feeling like cardboard. In fact, most of the goodness is completely grain-free and paleo-friendly, too, so regardless of allergies or diet choices, all your guests will be able to enjoy a slice of greatness. Shop here. 


You can’t throw a party without food, and you can’t throw a green party without vegetables. Green Girl in Singapore delivers a box of French or Italian certified organic fruits and vegetables with a mix of the best in season. In fact, it’s so fresh that as soon as produce touches down in Singapore, the box is prepared and delivered to you the same day. The Green Girl aims to bring you produce that has been picked less than four days before so there is no storage, no leftovers, just original goodness and preserved nutrients. Shop here.

Raw Vegan Balls 

Jingle, jangle, bells and ballz — The Living Cafe has the best raw vegan balls around. These superfood balls pack a punch, with only a handful of simple ingredients. If your friends are health-conscious, fitness buffs or have those sweet cravings, The Living Cafe has a flavour for everyone. You can mix and match your balls, and know that everyone is hand-rolled with love. 


Because Christmas is the only time of the year that it’s acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast. Stock up your stash at Benns; this bean-to-bar chocolate maker focuses on positively impacting Asian cacao farming communities. The chocolate is made with the highest quality cacao resulting in some beautifully unique flavour profiles. Try the Calinan: the cacao beans are sourced from Calinan (duh) in the Philippines and, according to its tasting notes, is like burnt caramel, salted caramel, and red tea with milk. Yum. Shop here.



The first thing needed to elevate the ambience at your party is candles. Anvi make candles from 100% soy wax with energised crystals that lift your energy. Anvi’s founder, Jhanvi, infuses sage, palo santo, Himalayan pink sea salts, pure essential oils, and magically charged crystals into her candles to dispel any negativity, empower people to set new intentions, and spread light and love. Can you think of a better mood-setter for a party? Shop here.


What’s a special occasion without flowers? Charlotte Puxley Flowers has the best handmade floral arrangements using only the best flora locally and regionally. Their absolutely gorgeous arrangements are sure to have your guests fawning over all things wild and wonderful. Shop here.



Food Service (plates, cups, cutlery and more)

We know disposable plastic cups and plates are just so convenient for hosting parties, but what if you could have that convenience without the plastic pollution that comes after? Shinpuru is here to solve all your foodservice and catering needs. You can hire all the crockery you need, it will be collected once you’re done. And Shinpuru will clean it all too. No waste, no mess and no dishes to wash? Sounds like our kinda party. Shop here.

The Toilet Roll Situation

You don’t want someone to get caught short at your party! But did you know that 27,000 trees get cut down every single day just to make loo roll? NooTrees aims to reduce deforestation by making its products from bamboo pulp, meaning it’s 100% biodegradable, sustainable, and it’s velvety soft and ultra-absorbent.  Check it out here.

Shopping bags

Whatever you’re shopping for, you have to get it home. Peco Bags are trendy, convenient and sustainable shopping bags with a cheeky character that aims to inspire the need to tweak habits and stop the use of single-use plastics. Best of all, the bags are aesthetically pleasing and made from a regenerated textile fabric that comes from a process of recycling. Shop them here.


Deep Blue Straws offers paper, metal and bamboo straws. Whatever your needs, it is confident they can help you on your journey as they fight to protect the world’s oceans. Plus, its straws are so cute and adorable that no one is going to be complaining when you make the switch. Shop here.

Photo credit – @jonsiegel