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Green Is The New Black

How to Dress Fashionably Sustainable this Christmas & New Year’s Eve in Asia

Reading Time: 6 minutes
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Christmas and New Years Eve are basically at our doorsteps. It’s a time of celebration, festivities, family time and fun. With all these festive occasions coming up, don’t add textiles to your waste and clutter to your wardrobe — be fashionably sustainable with these dress rental, clothes swapping and thrifting options.

Lighten your load this festive season and make the choice to be a sustainable fashionista for all the parties, dinners and New Year’s Eve celebrations you’ll be at this year — you’ll only dazzle them all more, while spending (and wasting) less.



Five models wearing Rentadella dress rental

Dress Rental | Rent here

On a mission to stop the wear-it-once-culture one dress at a time, Rentadella is a fashion rental company inspired by what modern women want. With new additions each week and the latest fashion trends, you can get your hands on some of the seasons hottest dresses at a fraction of the cost. From beautiful brunch two pieces to fun party dresses and full ball gowns, there is something for any occasion. You can make an appointment to visit its showroom to try or order online for delivery to your door. 


Model wearing red Covetella dress rental


Dress & Accessories Rental | Rent here

If you’ve seen Crazy Rich Asians, you would have noticed one of the 70 dresses that Covetella provided for the film. Priding themselves on having the widest selection in the city, it has accessories and dresses for women of all occasions including evening, cocktail, daytime, ethnic wear, maternity, petite and plus size. Regardless of your budget, Covetella wants you to feel beautiful and sustainable through the sharing economy.


six handbags on boxes at The Fashion Pulpit


Clothes Swapping & Pre-Loved Clothes | Swap here 

Introducing Singapore’s first permanent fashion swapping space. The brainchild of sustainable fashion advocate Raye Padit, not only can you swap your wardrobe seven days a week from a huge range of pre-loved pieces, but you can also upcycle, have items tailored and learn about styling tips and tricks all in one place. If you don’t want to swap, you can also purchase pre-loved items at a steal. By getting involved, you can reduce your waste and share your wardrobe as a resource.


Model wearing purple neck scarf and gold earrings


Online Sustainable Talent Platform | Shop here

For the widest range of choices, ZERRIN is a 24/7 online platform that helps you shop and discovers the latest sustainable design talent — from clothing and jewellery to skincare and accessories — all from up-and-coming labels that you won’t find on the high street. Essentially, it’s your guide to the new, niche and notable driving the emerging sustainable fashion and beauty industry forward. It works with more than a dozen brands so it’s fully fit and ready to dress you from head to toe this holiday season.


Woman wearing a white vest and orange jacket


Pre-Loved Luxury – Buy & Sell | Buy here 

Style Tribute wanted to address the age-old question “to buy or not to buy?”. Its solution? Sell what you own and buy what you want. A treasure trove of pre-loved luxury bags, shoes, accessories and clothes, you can give your wardrobe and these items a second lease of life. The shopping experience is a beautiful one, where you can have the thrill of a “new purchase” knowing it was a sustainable choice. Each item goes through a strict authentication process.


Ethical Fashion For Kids | Shop here

For when you need to dress the kids too. The Extra Smile makes fashionable clothes for kids in a way that is fair to people and kind to our planet. Comfortable, easy-to-wear and fun ethical fashion for your green warriors in training that is colourful, fresh and long-lasting. Its motto? Throughout the entire process, it wants to give a smile to everyone who touches their garments: the farmer who harvests the cotton, the seamstress who lovingly sews the hems, the children who wear them, and the adults who wash and keep them in good condition. Give the gift of a smile this holiday season.



A rack of clothes for rent


Rental & Share Your Wardrobe | Rent here

Own the look, not the dress is the motto for Wardrobista. It’s envisioning a future where wardrobe-sharing and clothing rental will be a norm around the globe. It offers a clothing and accessories rental service that frees up space in our modern wardrobes and puts more money in consumers’ wallets. Wardrobista is synonymous with fashion, integrity, fun and social good, and are building modern communities of well-informed, connected people who enjoy countless possibilities of outfit options without frequent disposal of clothing.



Pre-Loved Luxury Children’s and Maternity – Buy & Sell | Buy here

Raising little tykes can be expensive and hard on the environment since kids speed through seven sizes of clothing in the first two years of their lives. The problem becomes a question of what to do with their great clothing once they’ve outgrown them, and that’s what RETYKLE is here to address. RETYKLE makes buying and re-selling great quality baby, kids and maternity clothing as convenient and as stylish as buying new. RETYKLE helps meet the price and eco-conscious needs without sacrificing style or quality- so you can easily turn idle kids clothes into cash without wasting any of your precious time and create value (not to mention closet space!) for themselves and for another family.



Pre-loved Clothes – Buy & Sell | Buy Here 

“Try Before You Buy, Think Before You Trash.” That’s the philosophy behind Green Ladies, the first social eco-enterprise operated by consignment model in Hong Kong. Through its collection of high-quality fashion and accessories, it promotes secondhand clothing as a means of sustainable use of resources. Shops act as eco-platforms to highlight the beauty within secondhand fashion and change the general public’s perception towards it. It’s trying to keep textile waste out of Hong Kong’s landfills, one beautiful dress at a time.



Sustainable Luxury Fashion | Buy here

For when you’re looking to be a little extra, the R Collective is where to shop for their sustainable luxury fashion collection. The R Collective is a social impact fashion brand that creates luxury upcycled garments using waste materials and creates sustainable fashion using circular techniques. The R Collective’s Founder Christina Dean also runs Redress, a charity that’s on a mission to reduce waste in the fashion industry. 


Pre-owned Designer Wear | Buy here

Need something a little bougie on a budget? HULA is an online marketplace for pre-owned designer womenswear and a sustainable fashion community where members can consign the items they no longer need and discover the best designer pieces for less. At Hula you’ll find 100% authentic items from brands like Phillip Lim, Alaïa, Balenciaga, Céline, Chanel, Chloé, Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent and Valentino at up to 95% discount off retail.


Swap wardrobes with your friends, go thrift shopping and extend the life of your current wardrobe.  

Swapping outfits with your friends and family members is totally free, fun and sustainable — especially if you happen to be the same size. Finding amazing deals and vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces at your local thrift store is similarly low-cost yet can yield amazing results; so why don’t you start shopping from your own wardrobe/the wardrobes closest to you first? You can also extend the life of your clothes with a little help from BioHome who make lovely fabric softener for your clothes that is eco-friendly and biodegradable alongside a lot of other cleaning products.

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Stephanie is the founder of Green Is The New Black. She is a marketer, event organiser and avid connector of conscious individuals and brands. She loves bringing people together to connect, find inspiration, gain knowledge and be able to take action to create a better life. Previously she spent four years working for an international events agency, planning luxury events and fashion weeks around the region. As a third culture kid, she’s fascinated by other people and is always seeking new experiences.