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Looking for the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Singapore? Look no further. Never wonder 'what do you want to eat' or 'where can I eat' ever again with this list of vegan-friendly dishes and veggie food galore. We've all heard

Gluten-free, no refined sugar and dairy-free. We've heard these words, but what does it really do for us? Do we need these in our lives? Find out as we chat with Ramya Ragupathi, founder of Oh My Goodness! on the

Technology can sometimes drive us mad but can also help us live our best life. So how can we use technology for finding happiness and forming positive habits? You can't manage what you don't measure. An investment banker turned life-coach, Andrew

Conceived by a man's quest to grow the population of vegetarians and vegans to 1 billion, abillionVeg was born. Being a life-long vegetarian and recent vegan, Vikas Garg the founder of abillionVeg, made it his mission to help vegetarians and

How did you start you conscious journey? What's your story? Green Is The New Black's story started with a mission to wake people up and empowering them to take positive action so that we can leave the world in a better

Learning about food as medicine, beautiful, bold bodies, how to avoid burn out and live a more balaned life at The Wedge Asia’s first event of the year – Healthy Humans.   I learnt a bit of a hard truth at

  New year, same me, but better… Because I’m already fabulous!   From your inner, outer and mental health - this guide has everything you need to start 2018 off with a powerful bang.    As the end of the year is approaching it’s a time