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Green Is The New Black

Stuck At Home? Stay Sane With These Conscious And Fun Things To Do

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Keep calm and carry on with these conscious activities you can do indoors. From yoga and meditation to executive coaching and creating real change from home. Because staying in is the new going out.

Is it just us, or does it feel like we’re living in a parallel universe right now? A mere few months into 2020 and already we want to stop the world and get off. As an increasing number of countries introduce lockdown measures of one form or another, trying to maintain a sense of normalcy amid the chaos is swiftly becoming the hottest topic of conversation.

If you’ve found yourself in isolation, quarantine, or lockdown, whether it be self-imposed or mandatory, here are a few digital and fun happenings at home to keep cabin fever at bay. Though we may have lost our freedom for a bit, let’s not lose our heads. Because at times like this, it’s more important than ever to prioritise mental, physical, and emotional health.

Create real change from home… with us!

Every Wednesday at 7 pm SG/HK time, we’ll be holding a series of free online sessions called “Create Real Change (from home): building a new world post-crisis”. Expect panel discussions, presentations, movement classes, and more. Sign up here

Our goal is to gather as many people as possible to do two things, firstly; rewrite the narrative of the planet we want to live in post-COVID-19. And two; pledge collectively, as individuals and companies, to take #LittleGreenSteps that positively impact our planet. You can find inspiration for the action you can take on at the bottom of the Take Action page on our website. 

WWF Singapore’s Earth Hour

This year’s event is thankfully a digital one, meaning you can tune in anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your own home. From 17:30 – 20:30 on Saturday 28 March, the live and unplugged event features music from prominent artistes and unscripted conversations with leading environmental changemakers about the climate crisis. Sign up, log in, and join the conversation. 

*This event has now taken place but if you missed it, fret not. You can watch it again here.

Workout with Liv Lo. For free.

You may be cooped up indoors, but keeping active is more important than ever. Thankfully, the ever-brilliant Liv Lo is on the case. Join her for 20 minute HIIT workouts on 11,18, 25 April and the 2 May via Instagram @livlogolding. She’ll be going live if you want to participate with a remote crowd or catch each workout for 24-hours post sesh on stories. Follow her on IG now for further deets, and read her very handy how to stay healthy guide here.

Declutter with the help of Gravo

Been meaning to clear your bomb shelter? Got drawers that you’re scared to open because you can’t remember what’s in there? Then it’s officially time to declutter. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and get your life (and mind) in order. OK, this isn’t strictly a digital event, but the Gravo app will help you recycle household good that you’re not sure how to get rid of. It will take paper, e-waste, bulk items, metals, plus myriad other items that you’re just not sure how to recycle. 

Daily meditation with Subba from BeingSattvaa

Carve out 45-minutes of your evening to give your brain some breathing space. At times like this, it’s easy to get sucked into an endless spiral of scrolling Twitter and newsfeeds for the latest anxiety-inducing updates. Stop, pause, and reset with Subba’s daily sessions via Zoom:542-308-415.

Weekly wellbeing sesh with Well To Work

Tune into Facebook every Tuesday at 9.30 to join Delphine Supanya’s 30-minute wellbeing session. Using techniques like self-regulating touch, deep breathing, smile therapy, vice therapy and mindfulness, you’ll trigger your parasympathetic nervous system to help calm your fight or flight response and restore your rational, logical brain to the driving seat. And we could all do with a bit of that right now.

Date night at home

Keep the romance alive with a date night at home thanks to TTG Wines and The Living Cafe. For $100, you’ll get a delicious two-course meal and a bottle of organic wine delivered to your front door. To start, enjoy macadamia ‘goats’ cheese roll, flaxseed crackers and guacamole. Then choose from either kale, pomegranate & sesame, keto cauliflower, chicken, or wild barramundi rice bowl. Wash it all down with your choice of either red, white, or rose wine. Place your order here.

Free consultation with an executive coach

Are you a business owner or leader struggling to navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19? Then it’s probably worth booking a free session with Andrew Stead; an executive coach with 20+ years of experience. As the pandemic continues to steer us into unchartered territory, find clarity amid the chaos with a free online consultation.

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