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conscious festival 2022 green is the new black

Conscious Festival 2022: Back To Entertain & Educate!

Missed us? And talking about sustainable fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, energy, travel and fun with like-minded changemakers and innovators? It’s that time of the year again—the time for celebration and hope and education made fun. What are you waiting for? Lock the dates: 30th Sept – 2nd October 2022, and read on for highlights to look out for!

Why do we need a Conscious Festival now, you ask? In the midst of all this doom and eco-anxiety? Paula Miquelis, co-founder of the Conscious Festival and Green Is The New Black notes: “More than 60% of French people think that we are doomed, that society is about to collapse. At the Conscious Festival, we still have hope, we believe in our ability to change our thoughts and thus create a more positive future. We think there is still time to write this story, together. We all breathe the same air, we are all impacted by the actions of others, we all depend on the same ecosystems and yet we put them at risk. It’s time to take action, join us!”

We’ve been running Conscious Festivals for the last eight years. In 2020, we went virtual, and then hybrid in 2021. Here we are again—with a physical event in Paris (held at GROUND CONTROL), a pop-up in London, and a free virtual event for the rest of the world. We know what you’re thinking: isn’t an international festival ought to generate some footprint? We believe sustainability is a collective journey, and not something that happens overnight. We’re transparent and that means showing you our annual sustainability reports on how we’ve consistently cut down on our impact and footprint, the extra effort we put in to find a diverse lineup, and more.

Now, onto the much-awaited festival programme itself…


Presenting our exceptional Strategic & Venue Partner, GROUND CONTROL, an independent living space and cultural player. Located near the Gare de Lyon, in a former postal sorting hall belonging to the SNCF, it is a space where people meet, where ideas are mixed, where new solutions can appear. Place of experimentation and expression, culture, planet, solidarity, actors of change are the privileged subjects in many ways with various guests, artists, researchers and entrepreneurs.

Here’s a sneak-peak of some of our thought-provoking talks, panels and workshops to get your brain juices flowing: bringing together some of the world’s leading conscious changemakers, we will be dissecting issues that matter across four key themes, Business, Planet, Fashion and Wellbeing. Starting with keynote speeches by Paula Miquelis, co-founder of the Conscious Festival and Green Is The New Black, and Céline Dassonville, CEO of Ethiwork. Soon after, we’ll dive into unpacking circularity, communications and greenwashing, and fashion. Wondering how media contributes to a virtuous circularity of information? Curious about how to align with your life mission? Or looking for a remedy for eco-anxiety? Register and head down to our panels and talks to talk about these more.

Worried about missing them if you’re not in Paris or London? Don’t fret—talks from the main stage at GROUND CONTROL in Paris will be screened online and at the Conscious Gatherings in Singapore and in London.


This year is a mix of movement and knowledge, led by experts sharing sustainable practices and improving your overall wellness. A feast for your mind and motivation. There will be two kinds of workshops. Firstly, there will be movement and wellness – meditation, dance, yoga, breathwork. And secondly, deep dives with industry experts.

Talks aside, we know how life-changing it is to connect and interact fellow like-minded, conscious individuals. Move your body, find your internal rhythm. You’ll have the chance to experiment with breathwork with Denise Back, a certified yoga teacher and breath coach based in Oslo. The focus of her classes is to bring attention to the present. There’ll be a whole range of themes you’ve been wanting to dig deeper into and will finally have the opportunity to: Sexual Wellness and the Environment, for how our bodies can work through inner barriers to find an anchor;  an Afrovibe dancing class which is a fun and intense workout for somatic empowerment, and so much more.


This year’s marketplace community (the VILLAGE) will house conscious brands and retailers showcasing their deadstock or sample pieces (ones that may have minor blemishes however, they remain excellent products)—you’ll get to shop responsibly from all sorts of conscious brands in fashion, beauty, NGOs, food, lifestyle.  

You do not want to miss GIGI PARIS—they are all about vintage and upcycled jewellery. As the only way not to pollute is not to produce, they have settled for the dream Circular Economy. And: French climate tech startup Fairly Made is on a mission to reduce the environmental footprint of the hugely polluting fashion industry. Through their SaaS platform, the company allows brands to map their supply chains, providing transparency and impact data down to the individual product. Check out the full programme on our website!


You heard us. No, we’re not finished yet—for a festive twist to your days, we have partnered with sustainable and conscious live bands, DJ sets and dancers for art installations, performers and music from young emerging artists. We’ve curated daytime experiences and more festive night-time jams too!

If you are like us and believe in the power of music and movement, you do not want to miss our lineup of live performances in Paris—head to the Eventbrite to reserve your spot!

Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to visit our website and share it with your communities!