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Looking for Conscious & Inclusive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas? Start here.

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a partner, or just looking for a conscious gift for yourself (because self-love is important too, folks!), here are our top picks of unique, beautiful, and sustainable gift ideas.

Love is officially in the air! We’re not usually ones for consumer-driven events, but when it comes to spreading a little bit of love (any time of the year), we’re all for it. And if you are thinking of buying a gift this Valentine’s Day, keep things conscious by supporting these ethical brands (or your small local business). From unique fashion and stunning jewellery to organic champagne and romantic candles. However you choose to celebrate, we hope you centre love and care.



we-vibe and womanizer green is the new black

For long-lasting pleasure: We-Vibe & Womanizer

Valentine’s Day flowers will eventually die, but a good rechargeable vibrator? It’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Whether you’re single, coupled, or really anywhere on the spectrum, these sex toys make for a great treat for anyone looking for some pleasure (and the powerful vibes they’ll leave you with).

Their Premium Eco is completely unique: it’s the first-ever Pleasure Air sex toy made from sustainable, renewable materials. And if you’re not sure what exactly your type is or where to find it, don’t worry—Womanizer & We-Vibe have everything from toys for long-distance couples (enabled by their free We-Connect app) to others for more solo fun.

Shop Womanizer here and We-Vibe here


as you like it green is the new black

For kinksters and queers: As You Like It

As You Like It is eco-conscious, gender-inclusive and woman-owned. As a certified Community Sexual Health Resource, their mission is to provide body-safe products and affirming and shame-free sex education. Bondage and kink can be overwhelming but with the right toys and tools, it can also be healing and transformational—the only way to find out if you’re into this is to give it a try.

They have everything from strap-ons and harnesses to specially curated toys for those with physical disabilities (because every body deserves to orgasm!). Many of their kink items are hand-made and their rope, restraints, paddles, cuffs, etc are all fair and sustainable. You’ll never find phalates, parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances in any of their products. (Fun fact: their founder, Kim Marks, was an environmental activist)

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bellesa green is the new black

For ethically produced porn: Bellesa

Ethical porn is porn that honours consent, treats performers with respect and pays everyone fairly. Bellesa Plus is the most-visited porn site for women (unsurprisingly, it’s also run by women). If you’ve never paid for porn, now’s a good time to start: treat yourself to the pay-what-you-want subscription that is produced ethically at female-run studios (the subscription also includes access to interactive sex education and erotica). Or share a subscription with your partner and watch something fun together.

Bellesa also sells all kinds of sex toys and merchandise: head over to their page for the #VibratingValentine giveaway and 30% off everything for V-day!

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einhorn green is the new black

For the fair condom & period revolution: einhorn

Sure, condoms help keep sex safe. But they have a downside: many are made with stabilizers, preservatives, hardening agents, and non-biodegradable materials like polyurethane. If you’re tired of buying condoms, not knowing whether they’re really sustainable, you’ve come to the right place: einhorn’s condoms and period products are not only fair, sustainable and vegan but also come in very cute potato-chip like bags. 50% of profits go towards paying their workers 15% above the minimum wage and creating environmentally-friendly packaging. That’ll make your Valentine and the community happy.

Shop here 



intimately green is the new black

For liberating and empowering lingerie: Intimately

Why is it so challenging for people with disabilities to find undergarments that meet their simple dressing needs? Because disabled bodies have been constantly sidelined in the fashion industry—most disability-inclusive clothing on the market is just ugly and medical looking.

Intimately has kickstarted its own inclusive revolution with a whole collection of adaptive lingerie that’s beautiful and functional, celebrating all kinds of bodies. Its Founder and CEO Emma Butler researched and talked to hundreds of disabled women before designing a range of lingerie that can be worn by anyone, whether they’re a wheelchair user, chronically ill or an amputee. They are available in sizes up to XXXL and are priced under $70 USD. Head to their website to start shopping for this Valentine’s and maybe even join their community app (coming soon!) to come together, get support and build community.

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olly green is the new black

For seductive showstoppers: Olly Lingerie 

We’re dazzled by Olly’s ecological lingerie that’s designed for people of all sizes and ages to embrace their sexuality. Their organic cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified. This label guarantees that the cotton is cultivated without GMO, without pesticides and is not bleached with chlorine. The GOTS label also ensures good working conditions for the workers who pick the cotton. Treat yourself or your partner with their gorgeous gorgeous sets.

P.S. For Valentine’s Day, Olly has teamed up with Medene to create a love box (with pink panties and coconut oil inside) to share, or just for yourself! 

Read more here | Shop here  


g2cb green is the new black

For comfortable & gender-affirming binders: g2cb

gc2b is a trans-owned company based in Maryland: by trans people, for trans people. Most chest binding options out there are uncomfortable and compression shirts designed for cis men are inadequate. Valentine’s is the time of love and acceptance—including your own body’s—and this could mean finally investing in that comfortable and safe binder that your (or your partner’s) body deserves and needs. 

Also: in honour of Black History Month, 100% of all proceeds (from selected pieces) this February will directly benefit Black Queer and Trans-led organisations and artists for the empowerment of the LGBTQIA community.

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For the female fashionista: Baliza

Taking inspiration from Bali and Ibiza trends, Baliza (geddit?) is a whimsy collection of timeless resort wear. And it’s perfect for life in the tropics. Handmade in Ladli, a vocational centre in India by Gudri women, this is a gift that makes a difference. The material is also soft and sustainable organic cotton. Known for bold prints and bright colours, we reckon anyone would be happy to unwrap a Baliza dress this Valentine’s Day.

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sui sustainable slow fashion

For the girly traveller: SUI

Super sustainable brand Sui creates cute threads using organic cotton, hemp, upcycled fabric scraps, and azo-free dyes. Its packaging is also recycled. If your GF is a travel fiend, Sui clothes are lightweight, easy-breezy, and add a dash of chic to any holiday wardrobe.

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For the conscious chocolate-lover: Belledonne

Unethical and unsustainable chocolate is a major turn off for us. The cocoa sector is still very inequitable for workers and can be destructive to the environment. Responsible chocolate respects the land it grows in as well as the people’s rights and is also packaged to minimise waste reduction. Belledonne checks all these boxes. Their breads, cookies and chocolates are sold in bulk to minimise environmental impact and their supply chains are fully transparent and fair. Show your loved ones you care for them by investing in chocolates that have been made with care.

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sparkle distribution green is the new black

For a celebration: Sparkle

Did somebody say cheers? Ching ching with a bottle from Sparkle’s Champagne collection. Sparkle is the exclusive Asian distributor of the organic Lelarge-Pugeot in Asia. They select suppliers and partners that are engaged in sustainable & responsible farming, production and social enterprising. Their goal is to help those with limited visibility and access to Asian markets still be able to deliver high-end quality gastronomic products with a long term vision & respect for their environment. More recently, the prestigious LALLIER champagne joined Sparkle’s selection with its reputable Grand Crus from Ay. And it’s just not Valentine’s Day without a drop of fizz.

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benns green is the new black

For a reason to indulge: Benns

When it comes to vegan and ethically sourced chocolate in Asia, Benns is a conscious option—anyone would be delighted to see this gifted to them. Using a direct trade model, they compensate farmers two to three times more than market cocoa prices. The chocolate is made only from natural ingredients (cacao nibs, cocoa butter, and unrefined cane sugar). This means Benns chocolate is 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free and halal.

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Sceona gold earrings

For the romantic gesture: Scéona

Scéona’s range of sustainable fine jewellery is a minimalist’s dream. Inspired by nature, its modern pieces are created using only luxurious materials that are not directly mined. 18 karats gold and cultured diamonds from India, to be specific. The gold comes from urban mining (the production of precious metals from waste and metal scrap), and the cultured diamonds are created in a lab. There are no intrusive mining methods involved in the production process. It’s a beautiful alternative to the traditional jewellery industry. So if you need to buy a ring this Valentine’s Day (hint hint, just saying!), Scéona has got your back.

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gifts less ordinary green is the new black

For personalised gifts: Gifts Less Ordinary

If you’re looking for that extra personalised touch, check out the range of products available on Gifts Less Ordinary.  It has a socially conscious section where you can find gifts like recycled leather personalised passport holders, fairtrade cotton canvas makeup pouches or customised pillows.

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twin within green is the new black

For the minimalist: Twin Within

This bold and elegant statement necklace can be paired with practically any outfit. Each piece is crafted from raw materials like sturdy shipping rope, coloured rubber tubes and silver or brass. The team works alongside the FOCOLARE organisation in Tagaytay, Philippines, where its collections are produced on a fair trade basis by mothers in need. Get your loved ones something they’ll cherish for the years to come.

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sylph green is the new black

For the art-lover: Sylph

Adorable, delicate, sustainable and beautifully handcrafted—what’s not to love about these Sylph origami accessories? These waterproof accessories are designed to showcase traditional Japanese craftsmanship, by using a single sheet of paper without cuts or glue. Originally hailing from Penang, Sylph sources the majority of her materials from the region to help support the local community. Any additional materials required are sourced from Japan in a nod to the roots of the art of origami. Through her paper artwork, Sylph aims to empower women and plays her part in raising awareness about social issues, especially autism as Sylph is also a Special Needs Therapist.

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For sun-worshippers: Truth&All

Sunnies are essential for life in the tropics. And we’re huge fans of the planet-friendly eyewear from Truth&All. It uses eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, sustainable packaging, and only works with socially responsible partners. Its frames come in classic shapes and a range of colours, making them the perfect gift for him or her.

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project x green is the new black

For the love of humanity: Project X

Maybe you don’t feel like celebrating or squeezing out your hard-earned cash on someone you barely know. But that shouldn’t stop you from spreading the love. What could possibly be a better Valentine’s gift to the community than supporting an organisation that protects the rights of sex workers? Project X is dedicated to providing social, emotional, legal and health services to people in the sex industry in Singapore.

Sex workers are vulnerable to many issues and are afraid to report crimes against them because they worry of the legal and social consequences of being exposed as sex workers. Project X helps ensure a destigmatised, fair and safe sex industry that respects workers, clients and families. To lend your solidarity, you can get involved (as a volunteer/researcher), shop for badges/umbrellas/totes (like the one pictured above) or simply donate.

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For love rituals: Artisan of Sense

Each artisanal candle is made with pure soy wax and sustainably harvested oils hand-poured into a reusable recycled glass jar. They are also phthalate, paraben, sulphate, toxin, and animal-testing free. There are myriad dreamy-sounding scents to choose from, but if you can’t pick just one, opt for the gift pack. Select your three favourite aromas (we’ll take coconut palm & lime, rosemary & peppermint, and winter wonderland, please) and Artisan of Sense will take care of the rest. It’s a wonderfully smelling V-Day gift to help create a romantic atmosphere.

Shop here


5am green is the new black

For dreamy and low-waste arrangements: 5AM Flowers

You can never go wrong with blooming flowers to light up your date. Based in Singapore, 5AM is a small-batch bespoke florist with a low-waste aim. From floral installations and wedding bouquets to decor pieces and designs for intimate weddings, 5AM makes everything. They use upcycled jars to reduce by-waste from newly bought bouquet wrapping. Glass jars/bottles are meticulously cleaned and painted for a new lease of life. Also in their low-waste aim: reduced flower wastage through small-batch orders, repurposing excess stock and more. This is your sign to send that cute personalised bouquet.

Shop here



For the lazy lover: Sunday Bedding

Great sheets. Reasonable pricing. And a little bit of Sunday every day. Sunday Bedding stocks a range of ethically made sheets in bamboo sateen, French linen, and 100% organic cotton. Because there isn’t anything as satisfying as slipping between beautiful sheets. You’ll want to stay in bed all day.

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