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Author: Olivia Wycech

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Impossible Foods are on a mission to replace meat all around the world by 2035. Today, that journey begins in Singapore. "Why Singapore? No single city is as diverse and innovative in their culinary scene," - Pat Brown, CEO, and Founder

We're back and this time we're 100% vegan and zero-waste. Check out what's new this year

No More Plastic taking matters into their own hands by challenging Jeff Bezoz, CEO of Amazon. “Ocean is in danger. We are in danger. And we must act now, with your help, to serve the greater good of humanity and the

If you've ever stood at the blue bins and scratched your head at what can be recycled or wondered what happens after recycling is picked up - this beginner guide is for you. "There is no such thing as 'throw away'.

A bustling green scene is bringing a new kind of sexy to Bangkok and helping the city shed its stereotypically seedy image. Welcome to Thailand's, very green, future.   Gone are the wild weekends where being a tourist in Thailand landed you

Singapore's beloved Garden Beats music and picnic festival is #MakingGreenMoves in a big, big way this year with a series of sustainable steps for both the festival and you.   Everyone loves a music festival. What we don’t love are the cringe-worthy piles of

Dreaming of plant-based pizza and pasta? Cheat day has never been so conscious. Vegans and vegetarians who have been hankering for nothing more than an indulgent slice of pizza have had their wish come true this week. PizzaExpress has just become