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Author: Olivia Wycech

About The Author

Olivia is a bon vivant with an insatiable appetite for...everything. Upon being horrified at the amount of rubbish she produced in a single day, her journey towards finding a better balance between being extravagant yet sustainable began. Like most obsessions, down the rabbit hole she went and it wasn’t long before she decided to shift her sustainable preachings from Friday nights after too much wine to every day at Green Is The New Black. Olivia is still trying to figure all this ‘the end of the world’ stuff out, so she is keepin’ it real, one super small #LittleGreenStep at a time. Be like Olivia.

Probiotics are all the rage these days. Walk into any grocery store, and you will find shelves brimming with probiotic-rich foods. Today they are not only popular amongst the uber health-conscious, but also anyone looking to jump-start their digestive system.

An ode to bamboo: you can build with it, sleep in it, eat it, eat ​with​ it, wear it, kill odour with it, even pamper your face with it. It grows like a weed and can withstand earthquakes and typhoons.

TREEHOUSE is Hong Kong's up-and-coming "accidentally" vegan and vegetarian hotspot that looks to be the future of dining: sustainable, ethical, modern and fast. The progressive chef-driven enterprise nods to the green movement with a taste of the future while reigniting

So, the Amazon rainforest—often referred to as the lungs of the earth—is ablaze. Calmness has (finally) turned into calamity but the situation needs a lot more than thoughts and prayers. Meanwhile, the Internet is busy arguing about why. And discrediting the

For Christian Mongendre, staying under-the-radar wasn’t an option. From early beginnings at Mana! Fast Slow Food through to HOME Eat to Live, his beliefs have been deeply ingrained in pure, healthy, energetic, consciousness-raising food. This was further impassioned by the

We're going to let you in on a little secret: micro-actions can equate to macro impact, and the United Nation agrees. Micro-actions are contagious, compounding, and impactful. Small steps that are done repeatedly over time add up — and are

It’s time for a fashion revolution and Just Gaya’s is leading the way by connecting consumers with artisans on a journey toward a slow fashion takeover. By celebrating artisanal craftsmanship, Just Gaya’s in Singapore is a champion of ethical, artisan