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Green Is The New Black

A Hot New Podcast Has Dropped: Are You Ready To Live Wide Awake?

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Live Wide Awake Podcast with Steph L Dickson

Breaking news: Our glorious leader Steph Dickson is launching a podcast that will inspire you to live your most conscious life. Question is; are you ready to live wide awake?

Despite 2020 being a total disaster, we haven’t taken our foot off the gas at GITNB. This year we’ve launched a YouTube channel, hosted our first ever Virtual Conscious Festival, and have continued to bring you even more juicy content than ever before. And now we are thrilled to announce the launch of live wide awake with Steph L Dickson; the podcast you didn’t know you needed.

So what’s it all about?

Are you ready to escape the matrix and lead your most conscious life? Confronting the truth can be a deep, twisted, insightful, and sometimes painful journey. But with the state of our world today, it is one we must embark on to save the planet and ourselves. And through this podcast, we’ll be continuing this journey. We’ll be talking about climate change and consciousness, sustainability and spirituality. Taking fascinating, yet sometimes complicated topics and breaking them down into digestible and actionable chunks, so that we can live wide awake. Subscribe and hear from some of the most intriguing and remarkable minds, including Craig Leeson director of A Plastic Ocean and The Last Glaciers, Daniel Flynn founder of Thankyou, intersectional and social justice activists like Keshia Hannam, Jo Lorenz, and many more. 

Steph says: “For a large portion of my life, I felt like I was walking around half asleep. Following the status quo, chasing what I thought was my dream career. Until I had an awakening and realised that I was living my life on autopilot and wasn’t seeing what was right in front of me. Since then I have been on a deep, twisted, insightful, and sometimes painful journey of self-and life discovery to raise my consciousness and live awake. This podcast is part of that journey. We will be talking about sustainability and conscious leadership  – with some of the more intriguing and remarkable minds that I have the pleasure of crossing paths with. It’s time to wake up from the matrix, and live wide awake.” 


1. Craig Leeson: on plastic oceans & last glaciers

Why are the glaciers considered the third poles? Why are they so important to our planet’s ecosystem? We designed the problem of climate change, can we design ourselves out of it? Or are we next on the extinction list? In this podcast episode, Craig Leeson sheds light our plastic oceans, code-red wake-up calls, stories of working with Sir David Attenborough, and more.  

Listen here

2. Daniel Flynn: on eradicating poverty, why purpose is the fuel & Thankyou

We live in a world of two extremes – extreme poverty on one end, and extreme overconsumption on the other. Imagine if business could truly eradicate some of the world’s most pressing issues. Imagine if we could balance the scales – could we save humanity and the planet in the process? In this podcast episode, Daniel Flynn shares the secret weapon that keeps Thankyou thriving after 12 years, why purpose is the fuel, going deep on the soft stuff so you can handle the hard stuff, the antidote to uncertainty and so much more.

Listen here 

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