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Green Is The New Black

Five Essential Oils to Help You Deal With The New Normal

Reading Time: 5 minutes
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Yumi Hoskins holding My Pure Earth

Hands up if you’ve felt stressed at some point in the last few months. Us too. And as much as we hate the phrase, the “new normal” has seen us all adapt to a new way of living. And yes, there have been some positive changes, but at times it has also been hugely challenging. We’re doing our best over here to adapt and thrive in this new world, but oftentimes we need a little bit of an extra boost. Sometimes that’s a glass of wine, other times we turn to essential oils. 

Essential oils have long been known for their therapeutic effects and aromatherapy does wonders to relieve anything from anxiety, stress and depression through to allergies. Since we’re all spending a little more time at home right now, we wanted to whip up a list of the best essential oils to brighten your day when isolated at home. For expert advice, we turned to My Pure Earth, who create ethically made 100% pure essential oils sustainably sourced from farmers around the globe. Take a deep breath and let these natural, organic plant extracts work their magic.

1. Lavender, for its calming effect

Lavender essential oil is one of the most widely-known and loved essential oils in aromatherapy. Aside from smelling divine, the scent is prized for its calming effects on the body and mind as well as being lauded for its ability to lessen anxiety. “There are many great reasons why we find the scent of Lavender in so many of our beauty products,” said Marra Hensby, founder of My Pure Earth. “Its aroma calms the mind, body, eases tension and is an excellent sleep aid. Considering that so many illnesses are stress-related, lavender holds a special place in both preventative health care and in the treatment of tension-related illnesses.”

Marra recommends applying a single drop to your temples and wrists, diffuse around your home or combine with a carrier oil for a relaxing massage oil. Or, add it to jojoba oil for an all-natural body moisturiser.

2. Clary sage, for emotional challenges

Clary sage is steam distilled from the flowering tops and foliage of the Salvia sclarea plant, which is grown in France. It has been used since the middle ages for its relaxing and soothing properties that help with rejuvenation and calming of the skin. “This oil has a beautiful earthy smell and is great for calming stress and anxiety,” says Marra of the clary sage. “The oil acts as an antidepressant by promoting feelings of wellbeing and inner peace. It is also known to act as a great hormone balancer and helps to reduce symptoms of PMS.”  

Marra recommends applying one drop directly to the bottom of your feet or pulse points to help balance hormones, or combine it with a few drops of German or Roman Chamomile essential oil in a hot bath. You can also use it in a diffuser to help alleviate symptoms of nervous tension, stress, depression and anxiety. “It’s definitely one of my ‘go-to’ oils after a long day,” she adds. 

3. Rose for unadulterated luxury

My Pure Earth rose spray

Roses are the epitome of luxury — and the same could be said for this essential oil. Just how roses represent love, the oil is also filled with love for the skin, the heart, the mind and our emotions. “This oil usually scares people away with its price tag, but it’s worth every dollar. Its scent is renowned for soothing emotions, headaches and balancing hormones. It’s also known for strengthening the heart in periods of high stress, grief, and depression. But why is it so expensive? Because it takes 60 roses to create a single drop of this exquisite oil, so it’s definitely an investment!” 

My Pure Earth’s Bulgarian rose oil is steam distilled and is 100% pure and natural because only fresh rose flowers, freshwater and steam are used in this process.

Marra recommends using it in a warm bath or apply a single drop directly on the skin to help with mood swings, hormones and emotions. “It’s also lovely to diffuse around the home and I use it as a natural perfume.”

4. Geranium to support the nervous system

Geranium is fresh and rosy with herbaceous, green and minty notes. The oil is commonly used to support the nervous system and restore balance to the body; it helps to calm nerves and reduce feelings of stress. Marra also explains that geranium “has been referred to as a “women’s oil” because it can help to balance hormones, reducing symptoms of PMS, mood swings and menopause.”

Marra tells us to add geranium to your diffuser or blended in massage oil, cream, or lotion. “Try adding a few drops to a foot soak with Epson salts – BLISS! I had a lot of these foot soaks while I was pregnant because geranium oil has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system which can help to reduce fluid retention. My cankles thanked me.” 

5. Vetiver for withdrawals

It can happen. Spending time at home usually means healthy habits and our bodies are getting used to going without the vices that are found outside the house. Vetiver is a great choice for people suffering withdrawal from nicotine and alcohol as it helps to quill jitters and provides peace of mind. “It’s also known to calm and soothe anxious feelings, dispel anger and irritability and reduce tension and stress,” explains Marra. “This oil is excellent to diffuse if you’re mentally and physically exhausted. It is also known as an immune system booster when you apply it to your skin.” Its scent is musty, exotic, sweet and woody, which is calming and grounding on its own. 

Marra suggests adding a few drops to your wrists and neck for a calming and grounding all-natural perfume or take a few drops and rub this oil onto your palms and soles of your feet to help alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. “It’s also another great option to add to your bath for a relaxing soak.”

If you aren’t ready to invest in essential oils, explore hydrosols instead

You can also try one of My Pure Earth’s hydrosols (pictured above) which have the same therapeutic qualities as their essential oil partners but are gentler on the skin and great to use with children. German chamomile hydrosol is known for soothing and calming feelings of anger and is great to use as a body spray when dealing with stressful situations. Or, the lavender hydrosol is just as relaxing as its essential oil, but the hydrosol doubles up as a great all-natural pillow spray which will help you drift off to sleep. Finally, try the rose hydrosol if you aren’t ready to invest in the pricey essential oil. It’s a beautiful natural perfume and is used by top spas around the world as a luxurious face toner.

My Pure Earth produces essential oils and hydrosols of the highest quality and purity available that are sustainably and ethically made. From its zero-waste agricultural practices to recyclable packaging materials and bottle return programme, its transparency surrounding the impact of its products is admirable. Whether you’re new to the world of essential oils or have got an oil blend for every occasion, My Pure Earth needs to be on your radar.

This article is brought to you in collaboration with My Pure Earth

*All imagery by Harsha Poojari

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