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Green Is The New Black

Introducing Fruitfull, Wonderfruit’s New Sustainable Dining Concept

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Hungry in Bangkok? Wonderfruit has got your back with a brand new dining concept offering interactive dining experiences by pairing in-person meals with a private live-streamed programme aimed at making a mindful connection to food.

We might have a while to go until Wonderfruit but Scratch First, the creators of the annual festival in The Fields, have unveiled a new experience to help pass the time. Especially for those who are feeling a bit peckish. Meet Fruitfull, an interactive dining concept that pairs live streaming content with offline dishes. Essentially, it’s dinner and a show reimagined for the isolation era.

Fruitfull sustainable dining at home poster

Fruitfull, in a nutshell

Fruitfull is a new platform by the creators of Wonderfruit for creative sustainable and social interaction — and this time, it’s all about food. In collaboration with several of Asia’s leading chefs, Michelin-starred kitchens and food writer Perm Paitayawat (otherwise known as @theskinnybib), Fruitfull will deliver interactive dining experiences to guests through live streams and in-person meals, altogether creating a more mindful connection to food.

The Lockdown Series

The first series is called Lockdown. Originally conceived as a standalone festival for food, Fruitfull was forced to adapt to the current climate and the concept it came up with is rather genius. It will deliver the brand’s values directly to the community through a never-before-seen food delivery concept that will pair diners with chefs and musicians through live-streaming and Michelin-calibre dining. 

Scratch First Founder and CEO Pranitan “Pete” Phornprapha, said: “Fruitfull is designed as a food platform to creatively examine the relationship between food and our planet. Our whole planet—including humans, culture, society and the environment. Lockdown is the first part of this, which aims to make sense of the deck of hands we have all been currently dealt.”

This connection will also evolve into a social initiative with proceeds going to Covid Relief, a Bangkok-based charity bringing food, masks, and sanitary solutions to some of the city’s most vulnerable during the pandemic.

What To Eat

Diners can reserve up to four experiences, which fill a calendar of Fridays. Fruitfull launched on April 24 with a seven-course progressive Thai menu by Duangporn ‘Bo’ Songvisava and Dylan Jones of the infamous Bo.lan. Next up on May 8 will be Garima Arora of Michelin-starred Gaa together with DJ and broadcaster Nick Luscombe, who will together throw a socially responsible lockdown couch party. Neo-African Eurasian hampers and jam sessions from the some of Europe’s brightest chefs will further elevate the experience. The Friday following, on May 15, Japanese dreams will come true with an innovative bento box experience curated by Yusuke Takada of 2-Michelin-starred La Cime in Osaka. The experience will be coupled with a rare live cook-along session. The Lockdown series will conclude on May 22 with a Korean-Thai feast that will be overseen by Chef Cho Hee-sook, Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2020, of Hangsikgonggan in Seoul. The meal will be presented by David Thompson’s protege Prin Polsuk of Bangkok’s beloved Samrub Thai.

How It Works

Diners can make a reservation online (“seats” are limited) in advance. By way of delivery, participants will receive their meals and can then join a private live streaming program matched with their home-delivered feast. “From kitchen confessions and cooking demos, to fresh explorations of community-supported agriculture and live music, the online experience is designed to flow as any dinner should—with conversation, stories, and connection. This is dining and a show, reimagined with concrete ideas, sustainable ecology, and social connection for the uncertain times we are living.”

Don’t forget to dress up, this is a fine dining experience, after all. 

The Sustainability Factor `

Naturally, Fruitfull with share the same ethos as its predecessor and is embracing a sustainable framework from the get-go. Looking beyond your typical inner-city delivery services, the event will bring a conscientious and sustainable approach to dining while considering the impact food has on our culture, society and the environment. “Through an in-depth and transparent assessment of the environmental impact of each dish’s components, sustainable packaging, all the way through to a zero-waste delivery service, Fruitfull aims to reduce the negative effects of dining and channel attention to a positive eating revolution.”

Find more information on Fruitfull and reserve your spot here


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