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Green Is The New Black

So Hot Right Now: Brands We’re Loving This April

Reading Time: 7 minutes
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We’re all about creating a positive impact in the world today so every month we shine a spotlight on the conscious brands that are with us on this mission because yes, it’s possible to kickstart change from home.

So. April has turned out to be a wild one. But we’re a glass half full team over here and despite the lockdown, we’re championing a fleet of brands who could do with a little bit of extra help right now. And what better time to start your journey towards sustainability than from home with brands that share a similar vision to you on making the world a better place. This month, Harsha Poojari gets behind the lens in Singapore to deliver an army of photos from incredible brands that run the gamut through bedding, mattresses, toothpaste, skincare and even sustainable beer (fret not, this was all shot pre-CB). Here’s what to consciously shop for online this month.

European Bedding

Bedding, pillows & mattress: European Bedding, Essential oils and hydrosols: My Pure Earth

We’re all spending a little more time at home these days and, let’s be honest, a LOT more time in bed. Seriously though, we actually spend something like 1/3 of our lives in bed so choosing the right one and cosy bedding is worth investing in. Named for the luxurious style of sleeping the comes with a European vacation, European Bedding makes natural organic mattresses from latex. Its mattresses did so well upon launching it expanded the range to include pillows and sheets, all made from natural materials that are good for you and better for the environment. This is one brand you shouldn’t think twice about jumping into bed with.

Shop here

My Pure Earth

Essential oils and hydrosols: My Pure Earth, Freshwater Pearl Eiffel Necklace by Nuavo: Indiigo Culture

Essential oils for the win. During turbulent times, essential oils are a natural and organic way to keep calm, even if it’s just for a moment in the immediate room that you’re in. My Pure Earth makes 100% pure essential oils that are sustainably sourced from farmers around the globe. Don’t underestimate the power of a small bottle; they pack a big punch by inspiring people to live a greener, healthier and chemical-free life, one bottle at a time.

Shop here

Indiigo Culture

Freshwater Pearl Eiffel Necklace by Nuavo: Indigo Culture, Spaghetti top: Esse The Label

A fleet of slow fashion brands can be found at Indiigo Culture, a brand that not only creates conscious fashion and lifestyle items but also curates a multi-brand fashion lifestyle commercial platform. To stock its shelves, it looks for items that have a story. Made by amazing makers and designers from around the world, particularly the Asia-Pacific, the pieces reflect our diverse cultures and heritage as part of the modern lifestyle. In addition to its people-and-planet-first philosophy, it also strives towards a fair but fabulous future.

Shop here

Esse The Label

Esse is a conscious womenswear label that has developed somewhat of a cult following in its home country of Singapore. Its styles and fabrics merge ethical practices and sustainable fabrics with elevated classics and timeless designs. Esse is redefining fashion by looking at the entire supply chain, proving that there’s a better way to do fashion. Inspired by nature, driven to look effortless and readied to be zero-waste, Esse is the homegrown brand that’s about to become the biggest hit in your closet.

Shop here

Noice Toothpaste 

Toothpaste: NOICE, Freshwater Pearl Eiffel Necklace by Nuavo: Indigo Culture

Natural, organic, refillable and zero-waste toothpaste that’s good enough to eat (but don’t do that!). Do you know that billions of plastic toothpaste tubes end up in landfills annually? Yep. Fortunately, Noice has worked with dentists to create a formula that is great for your health, teeth, and gums while whitening your teeth and preventing cavities. But best of all, it’s good for the planet, too. Actually, scratch that. Best of all, it’s hugely affordable.

Shop here


Linen dress: LEFKO, Nori Earring: Indiigo Culture

Who doesn’t love a little bit of linen? Especially white linen? Keep going, right? Lefko is an independent fashion label that creates ethical, hand-made garments without any environmental stains. It follows no trends and the material it uses is 100% biodegradable and traceable. What we really love about its story is that they work with refugees in Athens to create linen classics made to last. Its partner refugee workshop is in Athens, and when you buy a piece from their collection, it includes a postcard which can be sent back to the maker to say a little thank you or hello. Yes, please.

Shop here


Reusable cup: MUUSE, Reusable bag: Peco Bag, Linen dress: LEFKO, 

Muuse is in the midst of a reusable revolution. It’s showing people and businesses all over Asia, and beyond, that single-use plastic is a thing of the past, even when it comes to takeaway. It’s essentially a system of reusable takeaway containers offered to consumers and businesses to prevent wastage of single-use plastics, maintaining a circular economy. How it works is as easy as scanning a QR code when you pick up your coffee in its tech-enabled containers. Once you’ve finished, you drop it off at their partner locations. Inspired? Join the zero waste movement below.

Shop here  

Peco Bag

Reusable cup: MUUSE, Reusable bag: Peco Bag, Linen dress: LEFKO, 

“Change a habit, change the world” is Peco bag’s mantra. And what’s easier than ditching single-use plastic bags. The Peco Bag comes in all sorts of chic styles with names like Bananas For Your Bae and It’s French For Cute. The bags are foldable, rip-resistant, reusable, and are made from recycled plastic bottles. Aside from carrying things like groceries, they are meant to inspire the need to tweak habits and encourage consumers to educate themselves on the war against single-use plastics.

Shop here

The Whole Kitchen

Nut mix: The Whole Kitchen


I know it’s tempting but put the snacks down. Unless it’s snacks from The Whole Kitchen (and if that’s the case then go on). Specialising in gluten-free bread, baked goods and snack products, The Whole Kitchen makes mindful eating a breeze. Everything it makes is 100% natural, low in sugar and gluten-free and most importantly – delicious. It also caters to vegan, grain-free, dairy-free and organic ways of eating, and have also just become Halal certified. Next time you hear your cravings call, keep your snacking conscious with one of these pretty darn tasty treats.

Shop here

Merci Marcel

Cocktail Trouser by Tee & Scissors: Indiigo Culture, Reusable Bag: Peco Bag, Beer: Crust Brewing, Location: Merci Marcel

We can all use a few delivery tips in the current stay-at-home climate, and Merci Marcel is one of our favourites. We love it for the french vibes where we can rendez-vous over a cup of coffee, sip French wines and discover farmhouse cheeses directly sourced from artisan producers in Europe. Now we love them, even more, for bringing that experience to our sofas. Indulge in the best of France from home through their full menu, assorted chocolate tablets and other French delicacies like jams. But as soon as it’s safe to do so, head on over: its digs are some of the chicest we’ve seen in Singapore.

Crust Brewing

Beer: Crust Brewing

Beer. Now that we’ve got your attention, let us keep it a bit longer by telling you that Crust Brewing is Singapore’s FIRST sustainable beer brand that is made through a refined home-brewed recipe infused with traditional brewing methods. How? They do it by ”reincarnating” fresh surplus bread into CRUST beers, giving them a new lease of life. The company strives to increase sustainability through artisanal alcoholic beer, what more can we say?

Shop here 

Elysian 5


We love the Elysian 5 belief that face masks should be part of your weekly skin regimen. It makes five masks to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your skin type. We recommend starting with the coffee body and face scrub made with Arabica coffee grinds. But all of its products are 100% natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly. We’re huge fans of the founders, too.

Shop here

Kumuya Life

Nutrition-driven beauty that uses optimal concentrations of science-backed actives and skin nutrients? We’ll have some of that, please. Kumuya Life’s concentrated anti-ageing facial serums use micronutrients to feed skin outside in (just like what you feed the inside of your body). Clean, proven ingredients, unisex. Sounds good to us.

Shop here

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Olivia is a bon vivant with an insatiable appetite for...everything. Upon being horrified at the amount of rubbish she produced in a single day, her journey towards finding a better balance between being extravagant yet sustainable began. Like most obsessions, down the rabbit hole she went and it wasn’t long before she decided to shift her sustainable preachings from Friday nights after too much wine to every day at Green Is The New Black. Olivia is still trying to figure all this ‘the end of the world’ stuff out, so she is keepin’ it real, one super small #LittleGreenStep at a time. Be like Olivia.