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The Golden Space

Well-For Your-Being

Holistic wellness and health through self-discovery personal growth programmes.



The Golden Space is dedicated to the promotion of personal health and growth for individuals, groups and companies. It is a non-religious and international organisation which provides healing, meditation, and transformational services. Ever since opening the first holistic wellness centre in Singapore in 2005, the demand kept growing. Now, they offer diverse programs, powerful workshops and bespoke services in many countries throughout the world.



The Ultimate Vision is to create a culture of oneness, with pure unconditional love and light. This is not just towards people, but everything on Earth. They also hope to awaken humanity towards self-discovery, spiritual growth and enlightenment. This is for a better world for us and future generations. They want to give hope, harmony, peace, love and care and so others may do the same.

The Ultimate Mission is to be a part of the universal force which is non-religious and universal. It is about bringing heaven on earth in all ways possible. They bring pure love, light and spiritual healings for mankind and Mother Earth through the workshops, courses, healing and other holistic wellness available to all.


They are bringing holistic wellness to every person out there. They want us to find peace and love for ourselves, the people and nature around us. Through holistic wellness, we may be more mindful about who we are in the world.



WELL-FOR-YOUR-BEING: Many people are so caught up with the ways with the world. We are nasty to people around us and nasty to ourselves. Hence, holistic wellness is so key to being mindful about everything. They also use their 7 core values of integrity, respect, commitment, authenticity, unconditional love, oneness and mother earth in their programmes. Therefore, The Golden Space will usher in the new era of holistic wellness and health.