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Crystal Clear Power To The People

Ethical cashmere that gives back to the local community that artisanally makes them.



SANI started with wanting to help with a local community in Nepal that was mainly women. The artisans create handwoven scarves, throws and blankets with ethical cashmere. Then, a portion of the sales goes directly to the women in the community.



These women have suffered or are going through hardships in life. However, they are a symbol of resilience and hope. They work hard in the factory in the day. When they go back, they hide their difficulties and sacrifices behind their wonderful smiles. As you can see, they truly are the pillars who are carrying the financial burden of their families. Hence, SANI wanted to support these artisans and champion their efforts through ethical cashmere products.


The wool is sourced ethically from the locals. Then, the local community harvests the wool themselves and spin them together. Moreover, these ethical cashmere products were completely handmade by these artisans. Thus, you can rest assured that you know who made your clothes if you want to know.



POWER TO THE PEOPLE: SANI is here to empower women artisans to create this beautiful cashmere so that they can support themselves, their families and their communities. The community is supported from the start to the end. Whether is it their wool processing or selling these scarves to the greater market that the Nepalese community may not have the access to, SANI has them covered.

CRYSTAL CLEAR: They regularly do posts on the women who work for them, so you can see their work conditions and safety for yourself. Also,  if you have any concern, you can always ask them about the process. This is because they truly believe that the artisans deserve to have a fair share and transparency is key for you to trust them.