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Nominations Are Open: We’re On The Hunt For Our 2020 Green Warriors!

Every year we compile a list of eco-champions, change-makers, and all-around inspirational humans who are helping to change our world with tangible action. Team, assemble: it’s time to nominate your 2020 Green Warriors.

We created the Green Warrior campaign to celebrate and honour unsung heroes. Y’know, the people who are out there using their voices and time to change the world, one #littlegreenstep at a time. For the fourth consecutive year, we are on the hunt for 30 Asia-based change-makers who are shaking up the sustainability scene. And for the first time ever we are expanding our search to find 30 European-based Green Warriors to boot. 

Do you know anyone who is doing something absolutely phenomenal for the planet? Or perhaps you’ve come across an individual who has started something you’ve never seen or heard of before? Or maybe there’s a human out there who continues to inspire you on a daily basis? If so, this is your chance to nominate them to be a 2020 Green Warrior. Or if you personally have achieved something incredible, blow your own trumpet and nominate yourself.


2020 Green Warriors

Who are we looking for?

1. Individuals using their voice to spread conscious living and sustainability in Asia or Europe.

2. Actively engaged in activities, work or a project creating a positive impact.

3. Using their sphere of influence to change the game.

Some inspiration: previous Green Warriors

2018 Green Warriors

Craig Leeson

Director of the award-winning documentary “A Plastic Ocean”, for his work advocating for plastic-free seas.

David Yeung

Founder of Green Monday, for his work helping shift individuals, communities and corporations towards more sustainable, healthy and mindful living practices.

Christina Dean

Founder & Chair, Redress and Founder & CEO, The R Collective for her work in driving the sustainable fashion industry in Asia.

Melati Wijsen

Founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags and Youthtopia, Melati’s relentless campaigning in her native Bali ultimately led to the Indonesian province banning plastic bags, straws and styrofoam.

Richie Kul

Actor, model, and animal activist, Richie Kul uses his voice and platform to promote the benefits of cruelty-free, compassionate living.


Meet the rest of our Green Warriors from 20192018 and 2017 for even more inspiration. You can nominate yourself or another individual right here but be quick. Our nominations will be open until Friday 11 September 2020, following which we will contact all those selected to feature within the 2020 campaign. Good luck!