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Green Warriors

Every year we compile a list of eco-champions, change-makers, and all-around inspirational humans who are

Green Is The New Black A geography nerd from NUS, Trisha is a life-loving green enthusiast with

Green Is The New Black For championing for the conscious movement and founding Green Is The

Sustainability is the new future For her commitment to changing the fashion industry from the inside

Cold is the new hot For her work tackling climate change in Singapore by enabling individuals

Green Is The New Black For her love of waste and work with MNCs to create

Conscious is the new modern For her ability to modernise and beautify conscious living and empowering

Sensing is the new telling For empowering the next wave of innovative businesses through design with

Pause is the new busy For her work promoting slow living and pausing for wellness and

Rebel is the new normal For empowering people to heal and fuel their bodies through healthy, organic, locally sourced food. Following frustration of years of yo yo dieting and lack of nutritional support available from personal trainers, Elika Fit became a health

Eco is the new chic For launching the first eco-yoga and lifestyle store in Singapore (and possibly Asia!). Eliza left an unfulfilling advertising job in 2011 to join TTT as the jill-of-all-trades. Today, she is the creative soul of the store and

Fit is the new healthy For using her voice and sphere of influence to advocate for the environment and better choices. Host, fitness entrepreneur and a yoga instructor Liv Lo is an Eco-Ambassador using her voice to activate change in her community.