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Author: Stephanie Dickson

About The Author

Stephanie is the founder of Green Is The New Black. She is a marketer, event organiser and avid connector of conscious individuals and brands. She loves bringing people together to connect, find inspiration, gain knowledge and be able to take action to create a better life.

What’s the difference between environmental racism, intersectionality and climate justice? How can we navigate our bias and privilege? And how do we have the hard conversations around these topics? We caught up with Keshia Hannam on the Live Wide Awake

Is ego the enemy? Why do people in our lives trigger us so much? Can we ever truly find inner peace? We caught up with Yana Fry on the Live Wide Awake podcast and deep dove into looking at old

Why do people choose science when it’s convenient for them? How can we (as a society) move beyond talking about racism only when it’s fashionable and performative allyship? Was 2020 the kick in the dick we all needed? We caught

Planning a wedding is stressful at the best of times. Let alone in the middle of a global pandemic. But it is possible to make getting hitched at home an extra special (and eco-friendly) occasion. If your plans have been

Nomad Surfing and Pisco Bar are disrupting your regular Sunday service for a day of talks and workshops centered around plastic pollution in Kuala Lumpur.   Nomad Surfing and Pisco Bar are teaming up to host a fundraiser called Sea Blue Sunday

From fusing yoga and HIIT to using her voice as a Green Warrior, Liv Lo is full of surprised and paving a new way to workout that fits into the perpetual 'busy' life we lead. We're big fans of Liv Lo.

With all the excitement and hype around Crazy Rich Asians, we couldn't help but put a light on some crazy GREEN Asians who are using their power for the good fight as eco warriors. If you haven't already seen the major

Yes, you read that correctly, the Grand Hyatt Singapore is leading the charge and becomes the first to serve Beyond Burger in Singapore and South East Asia. This 100% plant-based, gluten-free and soy-free burger patty is made from Beyond Meat

What is organic wine and why is it so much better for us and the planet? This is what we went on a mission to find out. We chatted with Emma Clough the Founder of TTG Wines to understand how wine