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Green Is The New Black

Best Sustainable Hotels in Singapore – Go Green While You Sleep

Reading Time: 4 minutes
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It’s no secret that Singapore is upping the ante when it comes to sustainability drives. And it has the sustainable hotels to match.

Singapore is continuing its strategy of creating a garden in a city filled with lush environments and clean spaces so that residents can have a more pleasant life. That’s one of the reasons in 2016, it was declared ‘the Greenest City in Asia’ and a global leader in sustainability.


So it goes without saying that many establishments in the country are notable for their sustainable efforts: Breweries (for recycling bottles), restaurants (for growing their own ingredients), grocery stores (for reducing the use of plastic bags) and much more. But if an outsider wants to see these green drives up close, you only need to look towards the city’s sustainable hotels. These places are great examples of the city’s green strategy, for many innovative reasons. Here are some notable, sustainable hotels:

PARKROYAL on Pickering

Image Credit: PARKROYAL on Pickering


One glance is all it takes to understand why the PARKROYAL on Pickering was recently awarded the title ‘Asia’s Leading Green Hotel’. Its hotel-in-a-garden concept can be clearly seen through its open-sided area filled with lush foliage and mini-waterfalls. Even the guestroom corridors are reminiscent of beautiful garden spaces.

Aside from its abundance of greenery, the hotel also adheres to eco-friendly practices, including using photo sensors to monitor light levels and minimising water usage by harvesting rain. The building itself was designed with sustainability in mind. Glass windows reduce the need for indoor lights while an above-ground car park eliminates the need for excavation and extensive mechanical ventilation. And they have removed all single-use plastic from their public areas and meeting spaces. It’s no wonder Green is the New Black once chose it as the venue for its Conscious Festival.


Marina Bay Sands

Image Credit: Unsplash


The Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is well known across the world for being a luxury hotel, but one thing that shouldn’t be slept on is their green initiatives. For instance, its rooftop infinity pool has a very efficient water saving system installed and is the largest in the world. Large windows have also reduced the need for many lightbulbs. Meanwhile, the observation deck has become a popular destination because of its exceptional views of the Singapore skyline and the great views it affords of the events stage below. The Float is the largest floating stage in the world and hosts football matches as well as concerts and exhibitions. If you want to witness an event with a great view, the Sands is a popular choice.

MBS also has remarkable green credentials; the hotel boasts its Intelligent Building Management System, which has automated control over lighting, heating, and water, for conservation purposes. In addition, the hotel reduces energy consumption by relying on abundant natural daylight allowed by its humongous glass facades (which has allowed for 700 less light bulbs) and uses efficient methods to distribute chilled water for air-conditioning. The hotel also uses regenerative drives for their lifts, which allows the MBS to save 40% more energy compared to normal, non-regenerative lifts.


Grand Hyatt 

Image Credit: Trip Advisor


Nestled in the bustling area that is Orchard Road, The Grand Hyatt is a leading player when it comes to green hotels and is particularly leading the charge when it comes to plant-based and vegan food options. They were the first to launch Beyond Burger in Singapore, as well as JUST eggless eggs, and are on a mission to change the perception of ‘vegan dining’. From Beyond Sausages to eggless egg sandwiches to OmniPork sweet & sour pork, it is a foodie’s delight.

But that is not all. They have an in house system which converts 100% of their food waste to organic fertilizer, produce 30% of their own electricity, and other switches – like from paper to digital newspapers saving 450,000 papers per year.


Oasia Hotel Downtown

Image Credit: Oasia

You cannot miss the Oasia Hotel Downtown since it is a 27-storey skyscraper with a plant-covered facade. The hotel’s 21st floor also features a wall-less lobby to allow a natural draft in the common areas. Meanwhile, the enclosed spaces are cooled by its efficient chilled water system, while a dedicated green lawn for exercising and meditating is reserved for guests.

Business Times reported that Oasia had been named the ‘Best Tall Building Worldwide’ by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). According to them, the hotel “connects to the green of the cityscape.”


Lloyd’s Inn

Image Credit: Lloyd’s Inn


Despite being a budget-friendly option, Lloyd’s Inn doesn’t skimp on in its environmental practices. The hotel follows a minimalist style that emphasizes the simple delights that nature has to offer. The large windows look out into a sea of tropical plants, while the rooms also have a variety of plant accents.

The hotel is also conscious about conservation as it features open-air corridors to reduce electricity consumption. The bathrooms also have an open concept design in order to reduce air-conditioning use.


And don’t you stop at sustainable hotels- here’s a list of everything you need to look out for when choosing a sustainable resort, too. Which green hotel are you most tempted to stay in today?

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Clara Alice is a travel writer who travels Asia seeking the best, organic and harmonious experiences which will bring her closer to nature. When that's not entirely possible, she always supports establishments who leave the smallest footprint on this planet.

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