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A bustling green scene is bringing a new kind of sexy to Bangkok and helping the city shed its stereotypically seedy image. Welcome to Thailand's, very green, future.   Gone are the wild weekends where being a tourist in Thailand landed you

It’s no secret that Singapore is upping the ante when it comes to sustainability drives. And it has the sustainable hotels to match. Singapore is continuing its strategy of creating a garden in a city filled with lush environments and clean

It's no secret that jet-setting around the world via airplane is not the most environmentally-friendly thing to do. Here are 7 ways you can offset your carbon footprint.    Yet, it seems that even the most conscious travelers are guilty of disregarding

Is corporate sustainability more than just a fad? Sustainability is the word on a lot of big corporations lips, but is it all PR spin or deep into the core of businesses? We joined the SCMP Redefining Hong Kong Debate Series and hear

No, we're not talking about the 5-0 Russia vs Saudi Arabia game. We're talking about sustainability goals. FIFA is taking world cup sustainability seriously in Russia and are scoring goals beyond the pitch. Over the past few days, you've been watching

Green Is the New Black is pleased to announce Singapore based Conscious Festival coming to Hong Kong for Earth Day weekend, 20- 22 April 2018 at PMQ 元創方 and in partnership with Ocean Recovery Alliance. Two new components are being

We took a tour of India's biggest slum, Dharavi, and found out how it has turned into a 1 billion dollar economy, is circular and prioritises things like education. Dharavi is known as India’s biggest slum and the second biggest slum in