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Green Is The New Black

Garden Beats Goes Green & Becomes Singapore’s First Carbon-Neutral Music Festival

Reading Time: 4 minutes
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When music, party and picnics collide with sustainability, mindful brands and reducing carbon footprints.

Whether it’s food, music, sun, booze, yoga or games – Garden Beats is an electronic picnic festival with a little something for everyone. With Singapore declaring 2018 the year of climate action, we’re thrilled to be the Green Partner for this event and get them started with a few #LittleGreenSteps. Not only are they reducing their footprint but they have also become our little red dot’s first sustainable music festival. High five for that.

We’ve been given a beautiful planet to party on and we want to take care of it. We hope you do too.
– Alexander Linnerth, Sunshine Nation

Green Is The New Black caught up with the organisers in Fort Canning Park to hear about everything they’ve got lined up and to share about some of the cool green initiatives we were able to implement together for the first wave of our partnership.

But where to start?
When we first met with the Sunshine Nation team one of the biggest things we wanted to tackle was the waste issue. With 3000 people attending and say on average each person having 3 drinks, you are looking at 9,000 plastic cups alone. We knew this wouldn’t be an easy fix or an instant one, but with the commitment of the Sunshine Nation team, we’ve taken some excellent first steps forward.

Reuse your bio-plastic cup and save money.
Why do we always think we need to get a new cup every time we head over to the bar? Instead this year you can save $1 every time when you reuse your cup. And if you accidentally lose it, then that $1 will be donated to the World Wild Fund for Nature. No pesky plastic cup pile-ups at this festival, instead enjoy a biodegradable corn-starch cup by AVANI.

>> We chatted with the Kevin the founder of AVANI watch it here.

Save Lives, Be Carbon Neutral.
The festival will be the first carbon-neutral festival in Singapore courtesy of Environmental Solutions (Asia). According to the program, 141 metric tons of UN Gold Standard Carbon Credits will be generated to offset the carbon footprint of the event. The program will support a wind power project in Madhya Pradesh, India, working towards alleviating poverty in this area through employment and powering houses. Offsetting the Co2 for the event is equivalent to planting 706 full-grown canopy trees.

One man’s trash, another’s treasure.
Keep an eye out for the creatively decorated recycling bins and in particular, the one marked food waste. In Singapore alone, we throw out the equivalent to 2 bowls of food a day per person! All the food waste will be heading to local urban farming heroes Citizen Farm who will be using it for their insect farms, turning it into fertiliser for their crops.
Shop while you groove.
We’re taking the festival to a whole new level by bringing a mini market featuring these conscious brands:

Oh My Goodness | Read more here 
OMG is right when you taste these delectable treats. The homegrown food company aims to make gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free baked goods without compromising on taste. The cherry on top is that they run a low to no waste model and is produced by ex-offenders.

Lembas | Read more here 
You can skip the cooking and cleaning with these nutritious meals and even have them on the go. With the bigger mission of helping with world hunger and balancing out obesity, these drinks not only help with your nourishment but it also reduces food waste.

Utama Spice | Read more here 
If you can’t eat it shouldn’t go on your skin! Utama Spice is a Balinese range of 100% natural essential oils and skincare was designed with that in mind. Your body is a temple so treat it like one with all natural ingredients free from palm oil, sulphates, parabens, synthetic chemicals, fragrances, and additives.

Tinee Dino | Read more here 
Is tiny vegetarian dinosaur who loves all things fun and healthy. Encouraging people to partake in a conscious lifestyle and spread good vibes through happy illustrations, they are a handcrafted line of greeting cards, stickers, and stationery.

Apres Avant | Read more here 
An exclusively curated selection of ethical health, beauty and lifestyle items. The items are available on an e-commerce platform, which encourages the user to make wholesome mindful choices in their daily lives.

Just Gaya’s | Read more here 
An artisanal lovers paradise, Just Gaya’s is a multi-label boutique, which curates statement earrings and embroidered clutches. Reach artisans from all over Asia through this stunning selection of products.

Hunter & Boo | Read more here 
A sustainable children’s wear company focusing on organic materials and natural dyes. They prioritise transparency of their clothing and manufacture ethically in Sri Lanka, making the best product for the little ones in your life.

FrankSkincare | Read more here 
Considering our skin is the biggest organ on our body shouldn’t we be more mindful? Frankskincare does just that- its frank about the products used meaning it’s 100% natural, non-GMO, organic and paraben-free. The product is ethical even down its sustainable packaging and cruelty-free mark.

Glitter with no guilt
Add a little sparkle to your look with plant-based glitter at our Green is the New Black booth and learn how you can do your part to reduce your own footprint by taking #littlegreensteps.

But wait.. there’s more!
A few other things to check out– HIIT Yoga workout with Liv Lo, one of our Green Warriors, Hendrick’s tent of Devine Destiny where you can get your tarot cards read and of course all the amazing artists – click here to see the full line up.

Garden Beats is doing their part to make the world a little bit greener and now you can too! Come down and enjoy yourself – let’s dance for ourselves and the planet.

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Stephanie is the founder of Green Is The New Black. She is a marketer, event organiser and avid connector of conscious individuals and brands. She loves bringing people together to connect, find inspiration, gain knowledge and be able to take action to create a better life.