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Green Is The New Black

Coconut Matter: The Brand That Has Us Going Loco For Coconuts

Reading Time: 5 minutes
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If you were stranded on a desert island, what one thing could you not live without? Coconuts, duh. Coconuts have long been making a big splash in the beauty and health world, but Coconut Matter makes the biggest splash of all with its super sustainable and Ecocert approved blends, herbs, oils and minerals that altogether make up its super-luxe line of coconut-based products. We’re over here going coconutty for Coconut Matter, here’s why.

Crazy about coconuts? Welcome to the club. From the tropical smell of coconut to the luscious texture of coconut-infused products to the way they taste, we’re basically coconut obsessed here in Asia. With good reason: they’re healthy, affordable, sustainable and do wonders for our hair, skin and nails as a beauty product because of their ultra-hydrating and moisturising properties. Naturally (like a coconut), we quickly became part of the #CocoTribe when we discovered Coconut Matter.

Reasons why we love Coconut Matter (beyond being crazy for coconuts products)? It’s sustainable, it composts, it’s vegan, self-fuelling, zero waste, and it levels it all with wild coconuts farmed by a community in the Solomon Islands. From handcrafted cosmetics and personal hygiene products to health and food items, we’re loco for Coconut Matter and here’s a list all the ways we get like to get our fix.


Sleep Well Coconut Body Butter

Anything that’s labelled ‘sleep’ is by default a winner since it usually means rich and decadent products that smell heavenly. Staying true to its reputation, Coconut Matter’s Sleep Well Coconut Body Butter is like sleeping in a thick and soft pile of clouds. Its delicate scent comes from a blend of pure essential oils for tranquillity, enhancing feelings of peace and harmony. Ylang Ylang, vetiver, lavender and mandarin come together for a Polynesian vibe, and unlike ultra-rich products that are heavy on the grease, this particular body butter absorbs super quick. Oh yeah, it’s made by hand, too. Sleep well, dream big.

Zen Natural Deodorant

Gone are the days of baby powder scented deodorants, which we’ve gladly traded for more sophisticated scents as we’ve gotten older (perks of getting older are better taste). Warm and woody sound more up our alley, which are the undertones of Coconut Matter’s all-natural ZEN deodorant. Made with soothing cedarwood, bergamot and vetiver scents, ZEN helps you sweat off the stress. Sweat aside, because it’s made from coconut oil it also improves the health of your underarms too. But the best thing is it leaves zero residues, zero stickiness and zero stains—AND one stick has been rumoured to last up to five months. Butt sweat? It works there too.

Coconut Oil Soap Scrub

The thing about soap is that it doesn’t always give you the exfoliating properties of a scrub. Coconut Matter makes a superhero soap, which on its own is a miracle, and it comes with a pretty little reusable soap bag that’s made from sisal plant and doubles as a natural exfoliator for extra delicious skin. Aside from coconut milk for a creamy and extra silky finish, the superfat soap is made from natural rainwater from the Solomon Islands. While Coconut Matter has several scents, we’re inclined to recommend WOOD not just for its coconut charcoal pattern, but because we looooove it’s lemon and eucalyptus scent. The charcoal also gives the soap a unique ability to remove dirt from pores and support control of oil secretion battling irritating acne. What can we say, even queens need to detoxify their body from impurities?

Lip balms from Coconut Matter

SMOOCH Coloured lip balm

Coconut+coloured+lip balm is a triumvirate of biblical proportions. We like SMOOCH the most for its subtle crimson colour that is left behind on your peckers, and we love SMOOCH because it moonlights as a highlighter for your cheeks. Wild, isn’t it? The tint is sheer and is packed with natural emollients that are quietly cheering yet soothing, and because it’s made with coconut oil, it’s extra delicious. The CORAL is also a staple for anyone looking for a neutral shade to combat a washed-out complexion. With plenty of colours to choose from to match any skin tone, Coconut Matter’s lip balm is the perfect addition to your on-the-go collection for last-minute depth and angles to your (already) pretty face.


CRUSH Natural lipstick

For when lip balm isn’t enough, you’ll want to reach for Coconut Matters CRUSH Natural lipstick. The CRUSH colour is a vibrant fuchsia with an irresistible gloss with a yummy coconut under-flavour. Each colour is the epitome of fun, and just like the lip balm, swipe away on your cheekbones too. Enhanced with avocado oil, shea butter and cocoa butter, we loved the lipsticks for their powerful healing properties and for protecting lips from environmental pollutants. Perfect for going from the office to the bar, cause you know, it happens.

No more Blues Flexi Body Balm

Rid your life of the blues with Coconut Matter’s body balm. Stronger than a moisturiser but light enough to leave you without a greasy feel, the body balm works wonders on dry, irritated, or cracked skin. Coconut Matter levels it with essential oils that have been cherished for centuries for their healing properties, like lavender from Bulgaria and mandarin, which both bring on an exhilaration of calmness while removing nervous exhaustion and restlessness. Jojoba oil is the extra plant ingredient that makes the body balm over-the-top, and it gets rave reviews for its soothing effect on eczema. Best of all, the packaging is made of metal tins that are chic enough to repurpose into DIY balms or to store small items like earrings.

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