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At Green Is The New Black we get to meet some seriously inspiring people. People who are changing the world with their everyday actions. We strongly believe that every little bit counts which is why we are always banging on about #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously.

We are thrilled to announce our third tribe of Green Warriors. While you may not be familiar with some of them (yet!), we believe they are truly changing the game. The environmental impact of their actions have rippled across the region, and indeed the world. Our philosophy has always been to take #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously, and this is something our Green Warriors actively practice while empowering others to do the same.

The theme of this year’s shoot was inspired by the overwhelming message from scientists that climate change is real. But we’re not talking about the survival of the planet; Earth will take care of itself. The survival of the human race and thousands of animal species is what should be under the spotlight. So during our shoot, we decided to work with water to represent the melting ice caps and rising sea levels. Our Warriors were glammed up to the max, juxtaposing ego with the harsh reality of the climate crisis.

We shot our Green Warriors naked and submerged in water. We splished and splashed around to create a variety of different watery effects, with breathtaking results. Our Warriors did a sterling job; we can confirm the water was cold!

Alex Marco was our photographer for this year’s shoot. Alex is an award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in magazines, galleries, and on billboards across the globe. With a diverse and prolific portfolio, his work spans advertising campaigns, fashion photography and two decades of projects with NGOs. He refuses to work for cigarette or car brands and has always pushed large clients to look at the beauty they portray. Alex has fought against retouching models in the edit, instead celebrating the diversity and plurality of life. His current focus is on environmental waste, using his experience and fashion glam aesthetic to the service of the planet.


Saving Trees and Tigers   For promoting nature and culture conservation, and eco-living through environmental education Teresa Teo

A Denim Revolution    For creating an on-demand supply chain to address fashion waste Walden held leadership roles

The Recycling King   For providing accountable and measurable waste management solutions to both commercial and residential

Taking Litter Picking To The Max   For cleaning up the Hong Kong coast through adventures An adventurer,

Extreme Trash Collection   For cleaning up the Hong Kong coast through adventures Esther is a co-founder of

A Singing Sensation With A Message   For capturing the weird and wonderful planet with music to

The Urban Farming Guru   For converting dead city spaces into urban farms Bjorn started his career as

Sustainability In Business   For empowering and connecting businesses and the next generation to build a sustainable

A Pioneering Advocate For Sustainability   For being a prominent eco champion proving corporates can lead change

The All-Around Climate Crusader   For fighting the climate crisis on multiple fronts and creating a low

Making Plant-Based The New Norm   For driving the plant-based movement in Asia and 100+ countries globally Vikas

Viral Videos That Change The World   For using storytelling to inspire systemic change to end the

The Queen of Zero-Waste   For launching Hong Kong's first zero-waste bulk food store Tamsin launched the first

The Eco-All-Rounder   For using art to communicate climate change and eco-anxiety to bring mental health into

Speaking Up For Those Who Can't   For using his voice and platform to promote the benefits

A secondhand fashionista   For closing the loop on children's clothing with a secondhand resale platform for

Sustainable health and wellness   For awakening Hong Kong through yoga, fitness, meditation, and mindful activities Charlz Ng

A Global Green Builder   For conscious engineering solutions for green and healthy buildings worldwide Alessandro started BEE

Reuse, Refuse, Rethink   For making Hong Kong a zero-waste place since 2016 Having witnessed first-hand the massive

Fashion's most eco-friendly fashionista For making the fashion industry more conscious and building a sustainable fashion

Setting new standards in sustainability For making sustainability the new norm within organisations Before founding The Purpose

Shaping a brighter future For advocating for systemic change for a better future and shifting the

Ridding the world of plastic one bag at a time For ending the plastic problem in

Saying no to single-use   For reducing food and single-use packaging Brian spent the first 13 years of

Fueling the heart through food For creating the biggest plant-based fast-casual restaurant chain Christian Mongendre is widely

Making naked great again   For freeing us of beauty packaging and liberating animals from suffering From a

Old tape, new tricks   For upcycling old cassettes and videos into textile fabrics - MusicCloth® J.J. Chuan,

Saving all animals great and small   For inspiring us to end animal suffering and fight against

Waving goodbye to fast fashion   For making luxury fashion sustainable and accessible through rental. Ming Bridges is

Brilliantly bonkers for bamboo   For starting meaningful, serious conversations in a light-hearted way through the simple