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At Green Is The New Black we get to meet some seriously inspiring people. People who are changing the world with their everyday actions. We strongly believe that every little bit counts which is why we are always harping on about #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously.

This is our 2nd list of Green Warriors, a list which we will continue to do annually. In 2017, we started in Singapore. This year, we head to Hong Kong and next year, we’ll go beyond, all over Asia and we’re open for nominations.

Our 2017 photo series focused on flowers and leaves. This year, “Waste” was selected as the inspiration for the shoot. A pertinent, pressing issue in today’s society, waste is often wrongly perceived as something dirty that we should get rid of. The truth is that waste should be seen as wealth, which can be turned into useful raw materials to produce new consumables such clothes or even architectural infrastructure. This is part of a new model of thinking which might just save our planet from dying: It’s an integral part of Circular Economy.

So for this year’s shoot, the team decided to shoot the Green Warriors literally naked and covered with waste (them, not us!). After getting their hair done by Team Salon, we used all types of waste to adorn our models: Food waste, plastic and even textile waste, to match the type of project the model was/is involved in. Sadly, it was incredibly easy for the team to collect a huge amount of waste (for the shoot) very quickly; with plastic bottles and food leftovers from hotels, clothing samples from fashion brands and even just rubbish picked straight off the streets of Hong Kong and Singapore. The results, however, are breathtaking.

For the second time, the collection of portraits were shot by acclaimed French fashion and music photographers Flavien Prioreau and Zoe Kovacs. Flavien made a name for himself as a portraitist for actors, artists, and musicians, and has shot for Rolling Stone, Elle, Universal Music and with celebrities like Diplo, Karlie Kloss, Jean Dujardin and Barbara Palvin. Zoe Kovacs is known for her creative portraits and together with Prioreau, captured the beauty of the Green Warriors.

Without further ado, please meet the class of 2018 (in alphabetical order cause we fair).


We've been waiting all year long for this, and we bet you have been, too:

Saving the world’s wildlife one bear at a time For taking a stance against animal cruelty Jill

Making shark week green (and less scary!) For her work helping women reduce their waste and

Standing up for what she believes in For her work in wildlife conservation and environmental advocacy Eco-activist

Goes Zero, becomes a hero For her work promoting a Zero Waste Lifestyle Zero Waste SG is

Helping people dress green For her work advocating and promoting sustainable fashion Founded in 2009, Zhai is

Living proof that green can reign For promoting conscious living Sonalie Figueiras is the founder and editor-in-chief

Turning trash into treasure For Educating the public on living greener lifestyles Hong Kong's "Green Mama" Lam

Wholesome, Clean, Green Fun For going zero-waste Hannah has been on a personal zero waste challenge for

Making Mondays Green again For founding green and healthy supermarkets and encouraging people to go green

Making sure the seas are free of P(lastic) For his work fighting against plastic in the

Literally Building a Greener Future For building sustainable communities through sustainable growth Ellie Tang is currently Head

Finding beauty in the ugly For founding and running Hong Kong's leading meat-free eatery, Grassroots Pantry. A

Empowering through Education For educating the world about the importance of biodiversity and conservation Willy Kwong has

Climate, Conservation, Consciousness For raising awareness about sustainability issues by collaborating with celebrities Project C:CHANGE is a

Greening the world through peoples' stomachs For inspiring change and raising awareness Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Bobsy has

No produce left behind For her work rescuing produce and preventing food waste Judee Tan, local actress/comedian/host,

Planting for a better future For pioneering the urban farming movement Pol Fàbrega is the Co-founder of

Eat with greens For manufacturing completely compostable foodservice packaging Ceicy is the business partner of Vegware Global

Finding answers in the green For her work creating and advocating sustainable solutions for Asia Maggie Lee

Filming his way to plastic-free seas For his work advocating for plastic-free oceans Craig is an award-winning

For his commitment to sustainability and its four E’s: Environment, Energy, Economy and Ethics For his

For her work creating fair wage opportunities in developing countries to turn trash into high

For his work advocating greener design and less waste. Paul Zimmerman is a Dutch-born Hong

Making fabric from thin air For transforming methane from landfills into textiles Imagine a world without plastic

Giving with a green heart For her work promoting awareness about environmental issues and reducing the

Global Citizen, Earth Warrior, Human Do-ing For Conscious Public Relations and founding Conscious Cinema in Hong

For her work raising awareness about environmental issues Green Drinks Singapore, a non-profit environment-focused society that