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Green Is The New Black

6 Ways The Conscious Festival is EVEN GREENER in 2018!

Reading Time: 4 minutes
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It’s no secret that festivals have usually have massively negative impacts on the environment. But what if we told you that The Conscious Festival 2018 is doing the opposite?

That’s right. Instead of going the route of music festivals that produce over 107 tonnes of waste per day, we’re producing NONE. Here’s a list of all the ways we’re making the world a better place at The Conscious Festival this year.


1. We’re officially CARBON-NEUTRAL!

You heard us right- Thanks to our partners over at ES Power, Singapore’s first 100% Carbon Neutral energy retailer, The Conscious Festival 2018 is officially going to be carbon-neutral. How does it work? Well, let’s break it down. “Carbon neutrality” is a term used to describe the action of organizations, businesses, and individuals taking action to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they each put into it. The overall goal of carbon neutrality is to achieve a zero carbon footprint. They are able to do this in a variety of ways, like funding re-foresting projects. For the event, ES Power is offsetting 105 metric tons of carbon dioxide by purchasing carbon credits which will go towards the construction of a new Grid- Connected Hydropower Plant in Quang Nam, Vietnam. And that’s just one way we’re fighting climate change and healing the earth at The Conscious Festival 2018.


2. We’ve banned disposables at our event…

Sorry, but you’re just going to have to slow down and enjoy your food and drinks at our amazing venue and take in every moment of the experience. We’ve teamed up with ParkRoyal on Pickering to completely eliminate the need for disposable cutlery or cups, and all of our vendors at our Mindful Market aren’t allowed to use disposables either. So you can rest easy knowing that no matter what you purchase, you aren’t going to contribute to the 763,400 tonnes of plastic that Singapore sends to its landfills annually. Doesn’t that peace of mind feel fantastic?


3. …and we’re composting any food waste…

Over 676,800 tonnes of food waste was generated by Singapore in 2017. To us, that’s completely unacceptable. Which is why we’re working with Insectta to compost all of the food waste generated at The Conscious Festival 2018 into nutritious meals for their Black Soldier Fly Larvae. (Which then convert the food waste into marketable products: compost for plants and animal feed for livestock!). So not a single bite of the yummy food you’re going to eat is going to either stick around on your hips or in the trash.


4. …AND we’re giving you FREE FRESHWATER.

You know annoying it is when you’re out and about with your beautiful reusable cups and bottles, but there isn’t anywhere to refill them? Well, we’ve joined forces with Nordaq Fresh to solve that problem for you! We’ll be having an unlimited supply of fresh, filtered water that you’re fully welcome to partake in- so come and stay hydrated all festival long, while not sending any plastic bottles to the landfill.


5. Did we also mention that the art installations are going to be upcycled?

Our incredibly talented array of artists are creating stunningly beautiful Instagram walls and thoughtful art installations that are going to absolutely stun you into living a more conscious life. Truly, they have found treasure troves of artistic material in our trash, and are going to show us all the realities and consequences of leading our convenience-based, consumerist lives without further burdening the planet.


6. All of which means, we’ll be ZERO-WASTE.

Yep. No waste is allowed at our festival- and everything that we’re doing, from set-up to break-down to foods, drinks, games, art and more, is NOT generating any waste that is going to a landfill after the festival ends. But what does “Zero-waste” really mean for us? Generally, “Zero Waste” is a philosophy of eliminating the generation of materials that have no viable or economic option for end-of-use management. For The Conscious Festival 2018, we’ve lowered our waste through a variety of options, including reducing, reusing, recycling, or taking appropriate action to prevent waste through design and engineering solutions to make sure that everything we bring into the festival is either leaving with us or being recycled. And we’ve done it- nothing from us is going to the landfill this year.


So, that’s how we’re having a bigger, better and GREENER Conscious Festival this year. In case you’re still on the fence about attending, here’s why you should at least attend our life-changing talks. We can’t wait to see you there!


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