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Organic wine Singapore

Organic Wines 101: Interview with Emma Clough of TTG Wines Singapore

What is organic wine and why is it so much better for us and the planet? This is what we went on a mission to find out. We chatted with Emma Clough the Founder of TTG Wines to understand how wine is produced and dive into understanding organic.

Emma Clough was introduced to the wine business and fell in love with it after her second child. Learning about wine also meant learning about what she liked and also the damage that the production of wine does to the environment. With an aim to bring this to more consumers in Singapore, she embarked on Through The Grapevine Wines.


You start out by looking at what you eat, there is a natural progression to what you drink. If you can be conscious about what you eat, shouldn’t you be doing that for what you drink?

– Emma Clough


In this interview, we speak to Emma about:
> How is wine produced?
> What is organic wine?
> What does TTG aim to do?


We love wine, but how is it actually made? 

There are 6 steps to this process. First, harvest and pick the grapes. Second, Crush and press the grapes – including the seeds – into must (or “young” wine). Third, you leave the juice soaking with the skins, solids, and seeds to create a tan colour for red wine. These particles are then removed for white wines. Fourth, fermentation with yeast where must is converted to alcohol. Fifth, clarification by removing the particles. Finally, they age, get bottled up and into our glasses.


Normal wine vs organic wine – what’s the deal?

It is all about the purity of the wine. Different countries have different rules about what is considered “certified organic”. What organic means is that they are using organic grapes, no fertilisers, nor can it be genetically-modified. This gives a cleaner, fresher type of wine. Sustainability is key – making wine with minimal waste, using practises that are ecologically sound and viable for the land they grow on.


What is the now and future of Through The Grapevine (TTG)?

We go out and find wines for people to save them the search. We support family-run and/or sustainable vineyards at affordable prices for our customers. How people find out about us is really through the grapevine, through recommendations so it seemed like a fitting name. We are always on the lookout for new organic and sustainable wines, our portfolio is progressively changing.


Emma’s #littlegreensteps on choosing better wines:

  1. Go for wine tastings, it takes place all over Singapore. Find out more about what you like.
  2. Once you know what you like, find out more about how it’s made and the process.
  3. Spend a few more dollars to find something that is produced sustainably. You’ll then be buying something you’ll never waste because it’ll always be something you enjoy.


Read more about TTG Wines here or check out their website.


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