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When planning a vacation, we're all about trying to travel consciously. Be that staying at an eco-friendly resort, attempting to offset our carbon footprint or adopting a zero-waste approach. But sometimes, it's easy to be fooled into thinking we're doing good

Little did you know that the last drop isn’t the last use. Through a partnership with Sky Greens in Singapore, Nespresso capsules are being given a second life. Here’s how…   Coffee capsules have been getting a lot of slack lately. Now

With an ethos of providing good times while doing good in the world, Potato Head is extending this manta and bringing together inventive minds across conservation, design, music, and fashion for a week-long celebration of sustainability in Bali.  The Potato Head

Perspective shifting conversations are essentially the headlining performances at The Conscious Festival. Just swap out the lyrics for dialogue and leave a little bit more enlightened and little less hungover.   All across the board, festivals of all kinds are embracing talks.

With safe drinking water being accessible by all through any tap in Singapore, buying bottled water is an unnecessary extravagance that contributes to needless plastic waste. The Drink Wise, Drink Tap campaign by Drink Tap SG targets plastic waste by showing Singaporeans that

In early 2018 we toured one of India's biggest slums, Dharavi, to explore its evolution into a $1billion circular economy that prioritises things like education. Dharavi is known as India’s largest slum and the second biggest slum in Asia. Situated in