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Green Is The New Black

Announcing: The Virtual Conscious Festival!

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Virtual Conscious Festival

PSA alert: we’re launching our first-ever Virtual Conscious Festival on the 12, 13, and 14 June 2020! Expect live stream inspiring talks, energising workshops, and a conscious shopping experience from the comfort of your own home. Who’s in?

For the very first time our signature event, The Conscious Festival, is moving to a new virtual home. Expect high-impact talks, experiential workshop sessions, and an opportunity to raise your consciousness, all without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

A Virtual Conscious Festival? Say what?

The Virtual Conscious Festival is a three-day immersive event that will help guide you on a journey towards embracing a more sustainable lifestyle by reconnecting with yourself, others, and the planet. 

Join us through our event platform, hopin, and explore the virtual zones of the Conscious Festival to mindfully shop, learn, evolve, and connect. You can hop in and out at any point over the course of the three days to participate in myriad live experiences. You’ll leave feeling empowered, energised, inspired, and ready to take action to help save our planet.

But why?

We’ve been hosting Conscious Festival’s in Singapore for five years, and Hong Kong for the last three. In 2020, we were due to host our fourth HK festival in April before launching in Europe (London, specifically) for the very first time in June. We were pumped, ready to go, and embarrassingly excited to spread the Conscious Festival magic across an entirely new continent. 

And then COVID-19 happened. And our Conscious Festival plans went up in smoke faster than you can say Coronavirus.

After approximately 48 hours of head-scratching and thinking WTF, we had an epiphany to take this thing virtual. And here we are: announcing the launch of the first-ever Virtual Conscious Festival. Excitement levels restored, we’re ready to go. Because we’re not letting the current COVID-19 crisis get in the way of fighting the equally urgent climate crisis.

A huge thank you to our amazing partners The Mills Fabrica and MASH Brands, without whom we wouldn’t be able to pull this off.


Our philosophy at Green Is The New Black has always been to encourage individuals to take #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously. We know we can’t solve the climate crisis overnight. And we know that sustainability is a journey. So making small, continuous adjustments to our lifestyles is the easiest way to move forward and create real change.

This year, we’re taking it one step further by asking everyone to take our #LittleGreenSteps pledge to hold yourself, and others, accountable. Visit our Take Action Now page for #LittleGreenSteps inspiration and to take your pledge today.

Why is this important? Because The United Nations Anatomy of Action scientifically proves that small individual actions collectively force large systemic changes. What are you waiting for? Take your pledge today and create real change for our planet tomorrow.

The Virtual Conscious Festival Zones

The Virtual Conscious Festival is taking place on our event platform, hopin. It’s easily accessible on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Once you’re in it’s time to explore our shiny virtual world by navigating around the four virtual zones; Talks Stage, Expo, Workshop Sessions, and Networking.


Visit our TALKS STAGE to listen, learn, and participate in a series of game-changing talks and panels. This year, we are bringing together some of the world’s leading conscious change-makers, experts, and business leaders to dissect the issues that really matter across four core themes: Business, Planet, Wellbeing, and Fashion.

Business: We’re dedicating Friday 12 June to business chat, and in particular, understanding and navigating the business of sustainability. We’ll explore the idea of capitalism v the climate, the plant-based revolution, and why we must remain optimistic about the future. Hear from: Barney Swan, the first man to walk to the South Pole using only renewable energy and the Founder of Climate Force. Chad Frischmann, lead researcher and principal architect of the methodology and models behind Project DrawdownAnd Arizona Muse, British-American model turned eco-activist.

Planet: Ever wondered what the future of climate activism might look like? Or considered whether tech or nature-based solutions are most viable? Or thought about how best to tackle intersectionality? Here’s your chance to deep-dive into some of these challenging debates. Hear from: Tolmeia Gregory, the influencer behind @tollydollyposhfashion. Claire Kneller, Head of WRAP’s International Food Programme. And Skeena Rathor, Climate Activist and part of Extinction Rebellion.

Wellbeing: 2020 has been a crazy ride. In a time of mounting anxiety, mass destruction, fires, floods, plagues, and pandemics, it is more important than ever to build resilience. We’ll help you navigate through these challenges to emerge stronger and ready to take positive action. Hear from Carl Pratt, Founder of Future Planet. Tash Menon, Founder and Director of MASH Brands. Keshia Hannam, Co-Founder of Camel Assembly. And Phyllis Ellis, Director of Toxic Beauty.

Fashion: As an industry, fashion gets a bad rep for being one of the most polluting. We want to get to the bottom of whether fast-fashion is all bad, and is there room for collaboration that will lead to positive change within the industry? Hear from: Laura Francois, Co-Founder of ANEWKIND. Alex Chan, Co-Director of The Mills Fabrica. And Fashion For Good.


The EXPO is the hub of The Virtual Conscious Festival and comprises a marketplace brimming with over 70 conscious brands for you to shop and explore. Discover trinkets and treasures across lifestyle, art, beauty, fashion, and wellbeing. Shop safe in the knowledge that each exhibiting brand is conscious and mindful in their business practices


We’re curating a stellar line-up of experiential workshops that you can participate in from home that will raise your consciousness. Think wild ecstatic dance, invigorating breathwork sessions, enlightening expert masterclasses, plus a whole host of weird and wonderful games and activities for you to enjoy. We’ll also have live music cranked up; swing by to check out soulful sessions from up and coming local artists. Stay tuned for more info!


Visit this zone to meet likeminded individuals and dive into thought-provoking discussions. We’re a friendly bunch who love to chat, join us.


This is a ticketed event with prices ranging from $5 to $60. Early bird tickets are still available for a limited time only, get yours here. If you can’t afford a ticket but don’t want to miss out, get in touch and we’ll do what we can to hook you up.

Tree planting!

Consider this our #LittleGreenSteps pledge. We know that one of the easiest ways to make a positive impact in the fight against the climate crisis is to plant trees. So we’ve made it our mission to use the Virtual Conscious Festival as a means to plant as many as possible. We’ll be donating a percentage of all ticket sales to the cause. We did this during the Singapore Conscious Festival in 2019 and managed to plant 1,000 trees with our partner, EcoMatcher. Help us continue to grow our forest and buy your ticket today.


Confused about this event? We hear you, it’s all new to us as well. Here’s everything we think you might want to know in a nutshell. And if you’re still confused drop us a line at holla@greenisthenewblack.com and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.

How do I attend?

This is a virtual event, so wherever you are in the world you are more than welcome to join us from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer, tablet, or phone to join the fun via hopin.

When is it?

Friday 12, Saturday 13, and Sunday 14 June 2020, from 15:00 – 22:00 (SG/HK time), which makes it 08:00 – 15:00 GMT.

Do I need a ticket?

Yes, you do. Early bird tickets are still available and prices range from $5 – $60. Get yours here. If times are tough and a ticket feels like an extravagance you could do without, contact us at holla@greenisthenewblack.com and we’ll see what we can do.

Why are you charging a ticket cover for a virtual event?

Even though this is a virtual event, we still need the right infrastructure and people in place to host it and make it a success. So some of the proceeds will go to the overheads of running the event itself. We’re also donating some of the revenue to our amazing speakers and facilitators who are sharing their knowledge with us during the talks. Finally, it’s our mission to plant as many trees as possible, so we are donating a % of this revenue towards planting our forest in collaboration with our tree planting partner, EcoMatcher.

I’m a brand and I’d love a booth within the marketplace

Excellent, we’d love to hear from you. Drop diane@greenisthenewblack.com an email and she’ll send you everything you need to know.

Where can I find out more information?

Check out our full events page for the latest updates. We’ll continue to update this in the run-up to the Virtual Conscious Festival.

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